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Does old house renovation need to knock off tiles?

by:JIABANG     2021-05-29

   When renovating an old house, many times I want to replace the tiles, but it is not always necessary to replace the tiles. Because most of the tiles are still intact, it's a pity that they are broken. This issue of the old house renovation steps knocking off the tiles hopes to help you!

  1. The old tiles should be thoroughly cleaned when renovating the house.

   The gaps in the tiles are easily contaminated, such as scale and oil stains. It is recommended that when renovating old tiles, it is best to clean and treat the surface with a special decontamination paste. In addition, you can also use a toothbrush to dip some decontamination paste to remove dirt in the cracks of the tiles, so as to avoid the renovation progress.

  2, the old tiles can be recolored

   When the tiles are exposed to long periods of wind, sun, rain and wind, they are prone to fading and cracking. If you don't want to smash and resurface at this time, then it is also recommended to apply special enamel paint on the tiles for coloring and beautification, so that the tiles can restore the previous luster and smoothness. But be careful to avoid painting in the cracks of the wall when painting, so as not to affect the overall look and feel.

  3. When remodeling the house, you can put glue on old tiles

  , whether it is online or in stores, this kind of floor glue will be sold paste. The operation method is also relatively simple, just stick it on the tiles. This not only can cover the tiles, but also add a lot of life to the room because of its colorful patterns. However, it is recommended that you carefully consult the staff about the use of adhesive stickers when purchasing, so that you will not waste materials and reduce the risk of damage to the tiles.

   In fact, if you want to reinstall the old house, it is best not to remove the tiles. After all, it is expensive and troublesome. So the above method must be helpful to you! This is the whole content of this issue of old house renovation steps knocking off the tiles, and finally thank you for watching! (Knock off the tiles in the renovation steps of the old house)


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