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Diamond tiles have radiation?

by:JIABANG     2020-03-31
< p> is well known, marble and other stone there is some radiation, so diamond tile so lifelike simulation stone also has the effect of radiation? Actually in the production of diamond tile time strictly, but also to quality inspection before they go out into the government testing departments, issue the test report, so the radiation is very small, will not cause any harm to human body. But if you buy the unqualified products, radiation problems will gradually appear. Many consumers when purchasing a diamond outdoor ceramic tile, if encounter some small retailers, will have some fake, fake and inferior products sold to consumers, for the unqualified products could be more than a material that exist in the ceramic production process standards, there may be some radiation, if long-term use will be caused great threat to body health, especially for children or the elderly, influence is bigger! < / p> < p> diamond is to solve the whole glazed ceramic tile outdoor ceramic tile not wear-resisting, waterproof ripple and other technical difficulties and launch a product. Diamond is a kind of outdoor ceramic tile glaze with king kong hardness molecular composition of the same ratio. After two high temperature sintering, high abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, good performance of enamel. Diamond brick has good roughness at the same time, zero water ripple, vivid stone effect. < / p> < p> diamond tile features: < / p> < p> 1, 0 water ripple. Leading the double burning technology, the DS crystallization glaze multiple glazing process, high temperature 1180 degrees, double fire, thoroughly eliminate water ripples, more hard and flat surface, showing a perfect mirror effect, and shining like a diamond, give a person a kind of noble luxury experience. < / p> < p> 2. 0 pollution. Mature secondary sintering technology makes the diamond at the bottom of the more hard, physical performance is more stable, more difficult to absorb dirt, DS crystallization glaze glaze technology for many times, effectively reduce the stain into again. Unique 360 glazing technology, make product 360 - degree comprehensive pollution resistance, completely eliminate product suction phenomenon, use longer and still elegant. < / p> < p> 3, super wear resistance. The diamond is super durable because of its unique multilayer glazing process, special crystalline glaze glaze layer is thick, than ordinary more durable, no longer afraid of furniture scratches, despite the long-term use, also can keep its early appearance. < / p> < p> 4, high brightness. King kong glaze is made up of high crystallinity, high light transmittance of the DS crystallization YouZhi, glaze, make the products get higher brightness. Over 103 surface brightness is like a mirror, smooth, bright, shining like diamond brilliance, not only make the application space is more capacious and bright, more show nobility luxurious feeling < / p> < p> < / p>
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