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Bathroom tile renderings Daquan, bathroom wall tiles sticking method

by:JIABANG     2021-06-08

  How to lay the bathroom floor tiles? How to avoid a series of problems in the process of paving bathroom wall tiles? The editor will introduce the bathroom wall tile paving process from two aspects: before wall tile paving and paving precautions. As long as you follow the correct steps to pave the wall tiles, you can greatly reduce the wall tiles. Problems that may occur during the paving process.

  How to paste bathroom wall tiles:

  1. Understand the share of cement paste for paving

   Post the cement used for bathroom wall tiles It is cement labeled No. 425. The mixing ratio of cement sand should not be greater than 1:3. If the cement content is too heavy, the wall tiles will crack due to the high expansion coefficient of the cement and reduce the service life of the wall tiles.

  2, the wall tiles must be moistened before paving

   Assuming we choose to use glazed wall tiles and cement mortar as an adhesive, we must fully moisten the wall tiles In the paving, usually the soaking time should not be very long, only 30 minutes.

  3, paving should leave a seam

   Whether it is a seamless outdoor wood deck tiles or not, it is necessary to leave a seam. It is recommended that the wall is not less than 1mm, usually the wall tile is 1.5 -2mm is appropriate, and the gap between antique tiles can be widened appropriately.

   bathroom wall tiles cleaning:

  1, fill the gaps in the wall tiles

   is usually filled with colorful caulking agents, usually used to leave gaps in paving walls It is characterized by strong color fixation, pressure resistance and wear resistance, no alkalization, no shortening, and no chalking. It not only changes the shortcomings of easy falling of wall tiles and weak adhesion, but also makes the color of the gaps and tiles The collocation is coordinated.

  2, the wall tiles empty drum view

   After the paving is finished, the wall tiles must be checked for the hollow drum, how to present the empty drum scene, we can use the glass suction cup to fix everything If the wall tiles are sucked up and re-applied from the beginning, the cement layer of the wall must be made from scratch and then the bottom layer must be re-laid. Bathroom decoration is a very important part of the house decoration process, and when decorating the bathroom, it is more important to pay attention to the bathroom wall tiles. Before paving, we must understand the bathroom wall tile method to prevent useless work.

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