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Xiaobian teaches you how to buy ceramic tiles so that you will not be deceived

by:JIABANG     2021-05-05

   Ceramic tiles have always been a problem that bothers us. After all, we don’t know much about this aspect, and in many cases, others help us choose, so it is difficult to choose a tile that suits our heart. Let’s teach you. How to buy ceramic tiles will not be deceived.

  1. When choosing wall tiles for bathrooms and kitchens, pay attention to:    practical (personally think three points: stain resistance, wear resistance, non-slip), environmental protection, and beautiful appearance. Needless to say, it is practical and environmentally friendly. Beauty is the color, pattern, flatness and geometric size of the tiles themselves. It is generally recommended to reserve a 1-1.5mm natural shrinkage gap, because the tiles also need to expand and contract with heat. The water absorption rate of wall tiles is about 10% or more. It is best to use impervious, but this does not mean impervious. Practical, I understand it this way. Three points are needed: stain resistance, abrasion resistance, and non-slip (of course, this is the requirement when I choose ceramic tiles, because I have to think about the existence of elderly and children in the family, which is necessary for safety. Sexual selection). There is no best, only what is more suitable for you is the best, and consume according to your own economic situation.   But for us laymen, the quality of bricks cannot be seen with the naked eye, so we must rely on some specific data to help us rationally choose. Therefore, please remember to look at the product inspection report, product origin, grade, specifications, etc. (Note: the samples in the general exhibition hall are selected and can be inspected in the warehouse).  2. To understand decking tile products:    It is necessary to understand the production potential and equipment of the production company (it has a necessary reference for you to choose the business, of course, you can ignore it if you buy less). 7. Be careful when buying promotional products:    It’s best to ask the merchants about the reasons for price reductions and whether they guarantee quality. Generally law enforcement agencies will not accept such complaints (this must be taken care of, this is what I saw on the Internet, for reference ), anyway, it is best to write clearly about the quality in black and white. 3. Shop around:    keep a record of your favorite tile brands, and when it is convenient, you can check on the Internet for complaints about quality problems, see where the local dealer’s business address is, and don’t go to secondary agents and distributors for high prices. Buy (anyway, look more and choose more, shop around, this is the last word that hasn't changed through the ages).   Modification reminder: The last thing to remind is that the purchase of ceramic tiles cannot be cheap. Some small manufacturers fight crazy price wars by lowering production costs. I don’t know that ceramic tiles will need to be used for many years. I saved them for a while. I bought non-wearable tiles from a small manufacturer. After a year, the surface of the tiles was mottled, cracked and unsightly. Spend money to re-lay the bricks. First, the various electrical and gas pipelines that have been paved cannot be left idle; second, the chaos and noise of the second decoration has disturbed the whole family. The most frightening thing is that some small manufacturers make products that are not environmentally friendly in order to reduce costs, so it is recommended that consumers still choose tiles from regular manufacturers.   teaches you how to buy ceramic tiles so that you will not be deceived, so I will introduce it here. If you want to know more, you can click on the tile brand to learn more.

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