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The toilet of the brick?

by:JIABANG     2020-05-07
< / p> < p> brick that the surface characteristics is small is a bit rough, and because of that, makes the perfect marble tile has the very good skid resistance and abrasion resistance. 'Penetration' body outdoor wood deck tiles of beautiful decorative pattern, it's not release hand. But it also has a fatal weakness is easy to dirty, connect body brick of stomatal shelter evil people and practices easily, can't a little bit dirty. Connect body brick surface fine grain, the benefits of direct is likely bibulous rate is low, the penetration ability is strong, but this depends on the brand, you can choose better brand, eyesight can be better. Some poor quality products will appear interlayer craze. Connect body outdoor wood deck tiles is through two suppressed, well who department. Body brick is a kind of very can, moisture-proof outdoor wood deck tiles is decorated in the kitchen when using the brick on the ground, can cook cook stained with general detergent to scrub and wire, won't produce any tiny scratches or ugly besmirch, affect beautiful. When dealing with at ordinary times to watch the stain into brick dust, once the infiltration can not rub off. Natural stone because of low strength, so the thickness is bigger. So not is suggested with the brick toilet? < / p> < p> < / p>
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