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The technique of ceramic tile of choose and buy? What are those?

by:JIABANG     2020-10-03
, is indispensable to decorate material to material, however, how to choose the decking tile of contentment? Don't worry, small make up to help you! When the choose and buy building materials, Lin Lin always, category of the ceramic tile of heavy and complicated, its what also don't understand, again to the a moment disappears! Do you have any? What to do? Today will give you tips to supply ceramic tile of choose and buy, let you can walk good ceramic tile of choose and buy this path. First, choose ceramic tile first determining their favorite character. In granite floor tiles of choose and buy when first think about their place all the individual character of the space, also is the personality of household adornment, now popular on the market many character, such as Chinese character, the Mediterranean sunshine personality, European village, east rural character, etc. , all these personalities are prevalent. Home decoration is used sanitary ware, lamps, Windows, cabinets, doors and Windows, paint and other materials and accessories, and these things need to be consistent and harmonious personality, such as the household articles for use of individual character decided that in the future, to conclude that the general color of ceramic tile tone, note also think some themselves with personalized needs, such as the layout of the aged, children and other family members. Also pay attention to safety, if home have aged, the best chosen prevent slippery ceramic tile, this can prevent fall in the aged. is usually first divided into two categories, bo changes a outdoor wood deck tiles and outdoor ceramic tile, now most commonly known as archaize brick are outdoor ceramic tile. Do not conform to the businessman porcelain or water absorption, just fit the national standard, for household use, no difference. But in certain personality together also can choose ceramic tile of brand of their trust. Secondly, decision criteria before you conclude that the size of the sitting room, don't blindly seeking the big standard floor tile, usually, 30 square meters below the standard for using 450 mm x 450 mm more than 30 square meters using 600 mm x 600 mm standard. When choosing a ceramic tile after the house decoration, and necessary thinking can be seen on the furniture after practice area. If on the furniture after visual area is small, and the standard of ceramic tile is too big, so it is not harmonious. In addition still have to pay attention to the house construction module, as far as possible not cutting outdoor wood deck tiles or less cutting outdoor wood deck tiles, residential construction time of noise pollution is very serious, which is also necessary to notice. Finally, pay attention to the ceramic tile price of course, sometimes can't light figure cheap and does not pay attention to the quality of ceramic tile, ceramic tile this thing is not often to replace, you know. So the owner to do more contribution in the procurement plan, metope and ground such as household space skin, its quality and grade of direct resolution of concave and convex live in class. When the skin become artistic together of household, the grade of the home also promoted accordingly. is the durable goods in household, do not want to change can be easily replaced, the money is not the province. The same series of ceramic tile, the smaller the standard nowadays, the price will be higher, but the device loss corresponding to small. Sometimes also can let merchants a piece of ceramic tile shop texture, loss of reduction device. The key points of ceramic tile quality is decorated, if quality closes nevertheless, will not just bring trouble to the decoration, can also affect the owner of the day, so don't be careless when choosing a ceramic tile quality. Then you are listening to the sound, taps the ceramic tile with good thing, the more loud noise, the vitrified degree is higher, the better the quality. Will also be able to place of ceramic tile with left thumb and forefinger and middle finger, easily down, with his right hand index finger tapping the tile part, such as sound clear, beautiful for good quality ceramic tile, such as sound annoyed, ZhiZhuo for the poor quality of ceramic tile. Sometimes also can use water to experiment the density of ceramic tile, water droplets in ceramic tile negative first, see how fast water to scatter, generally speaking, the bibulous the slower, clarify the dense ceramic tile; On the contrary, the faster the water absorption, density populated, its connotation with the former as superior quality, these measures can let owner choose the good ceramic tile quality pass.
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