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The sitting room shop sticks ceramic tile of common sense

by:JIABANG     2020-08-15

the sitting room on the ground adornment, if is to choose ceramic tile, so for a variety of ceramic tile on the market, everyone is able to cope? Let's talk about how ceramic tile shop is good, the sitting room which to a great extent, determines the effect of the sitting room decorate, it is very important to the sitting room decorate the point.

the sitting room on the wall tile is good:

1, a wet basement room metope, can consider to choose porcelain shop sticks ceramic tile, as some of the villas, underground garage, basement, etc. ;

2, some southern damp house, adornment metope can choose outdoor ceramic tile;

3, personal love the texture of ceramic tile and adornment, also can choose ceramic tile as the room decoration materials.

4, ceramic tile, the metope of the sitting room shoulds not be because of this and let's get into the habit of back. To speak from the perspective of habit, ceramic tile, from the public because it is not dirty good finishing, and the touch of the sitting room should have the warmth of family, posted after ceramic tile, especially in the winter, can make a person feel cold, cold. So, most of the family living room sticks ceramic tile.

5, not advocating the stick, it is ok to put a meter or so, advocate metope processing emulsioni paint is better. Interior wall ceramic tile is bigger, has a high technical requirements, otherwise it is easy to fall from, so don't choose ceramic tile. Really want to stick, can use granite type of decorative stone, is also very beautiful and easy grade.

6, the sitting room metope brick of the wall ceramic tile is usually posted on the height of 70 cm to 100 cm is enough, relative to the wallpaper, at ordinary times do rise to simple. And about the durability, usually with wall brick is closely related to the quality and construction technology.

7, whether from the vision, or role, outdoor ceramic tile is relatively cold winter will feel uncomfortable, and is the same color, the home is very cold, to live in a comfortable living environment is more important than anything.

8, brush coating is economical and practical, want to change also convenient, ceramic tile not good yo changed, and then an interior wall ceramic tile is bigger, has a high technical requirements, it is easy to fall from, so don't use real post, choose dry hanging or point, more will be safer, but this is more of space.

the sitting room shop sticks ceramic tile common sense:

1, the first is a standard

assumes that the sitting room area is to exceed 30 square metre, outdoor wood deck tiles of persons to be 80 * 80, smaller than the area of 60 * 60 standard the following, but not less than 40 * 40. If big standard ceramic tile shop is stuck on the ground of the area is small, can make the size of the room allocation not harmonious, just like a thin man dressed in a large, on the other hand, suppose posted small standard outdoor ceramic tile ground with large area, can appear indoor congestion chore. In short, is suitable for your feet the size of the shoes is a good shoes.

2, followed by color

the requirements of the indoor wide bright, let a person feel relaxed and quiet. So usually light color ceramic tile shop is stuck is appropriate, for example, white, shallow cream-colored, pure color might be slightly markings can be, for cleaning demanding owners choose pure color more can show master and elegant, but it takes more time and energy, because pure color not to bear or endure dirty, need often clean, for the job is busy, is willing to take the free time on sleeping master is not appropriate.

3, don't do decorate sitting room ground is better.

contracted, fluent is a hot topic. The xuan and spelling a flower is stale, self-defeating, usually is a lousy idea decoration company. The line that play a base is a key problem for ceramic tile shop is stuck, because the wall is usually use coating, the coating parts often and sitting room furniture, which is connected with the ground anchor and people touch, easy to dirty and damaged, and bo changes a brick is made after the line that play a base can prevent this problem, and make the sitting room more beautiful.

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