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The sitting room decorate what kind of ceramic tile is good?

by:JIABANG     2020-10-15
As the main part of the decorating, the sitting room in the sitting room ground to decorate material to choose the material of wear-resisting, easy do, for the sitting room is decorated, a lot of people would choose the ceramic tile, because not only wear resistant ceramic tile, and adornment effect is good, is a good match. What to introduce the sitting room is decorated with ceramic tile and ceramic tile sitting room selection skills. Sitting room is decorated with what the surface of the ceramic tile, glazed tile, glazed tile 1 through burning glaze processing, according to different materials, can divide ceramic glazed pottery and porcelain outdoor ceramic tile. Ceramic glazed tile bibulous rate is higher, intensity is low; The porcelain glazed tile bibulous rate is low, high strength. Glazed pottery is a common kind of brick, not only the color is rich, and anti-fouling ability is strong, has been widely applied to decorate metope and ground. 2, polishing brick, polishing brick is a kind of body brick, polished surface of a light brick, polishing brick surface is bright and clean, hard wear-resisting, suit to use other than the bathroom, kitchen interior space. 3, bo changes a brick, bo changes a brick USES high temperature fire and become, texture than polishing brick more hard, wear-resisting, but the price is more expensive, bibulous rate is lower than 0. 5% of all ceramic tile is called bo changes a outdoor wood deck tiles, because of the low water absorption, makes the hardness also is relatively high, not easy to be scratched. Sitting room choose decking tile tip 1, material ceramic tile material variety, sitting room colour is abounded, you can choose to lower cost when the choose and buy, stain resistant, easy to clean decking tile. 2, ceramic tile can choose beige color the sitting room, the sitting room is so that we can more bright and warm; And brunet decking tile, the vision will appear more comfortable, the atmosphere. 3, specification ceramic tile can choose according to the specifications of the sitting room, for the sitting room with larger area can choose 600 * 600 cm; And relatively small area of the sitting room can choose 450 * 450 cm. Small make up summary: about the living room decorate what kind of ceramic tile and ceramic tile choice technique is introduced to here, hope to be of help.
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