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The rise of the central market is the rise of high-end ceramic tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-06-27
The development of the ceramic tile industry has so far been in a period of gradual growth, first-tier cities are already close to saturation, but second- and third-tier cities have promising development prospects. With the formal implementation of the 'Strategy for the Rise of Central ChinaFacing the situation of nowhere to go and no profit in first-tier cities, ceramic tile companies may wish to try to sink their channels and move to second- and third-tier cities to re-create a new world. The rise of the central market as an opportunity for ceramic tile companies. With the in-depth development of the ceramic tile industry, although first-tier cities have received the most attention, the market in first-tier cities is close to saturation, and the great market potential in second- and third-tier cities has been widely accepted by major companies. Attention, the secondary and tertiary markets will become the new layout focus for enterprises to compete for the market. The future battlefield of the ceramic tile industry will shift to third- and fourth-tier cities. It can be said that third- and fourth-tier cities are the blue ocean of future ceramic tiles. Regionally, the performance of traditional developed regions is still very strong, but with the rise of central China and the deepening of national policies such as the development of the western region, the ceramic tile market has quietly changed and a new pattern has emerged. Because of its geographical location in the coastal area, the eastern region ranks among the highest in the country in terms of economic development, and its residents' income level is relatively high. Consumers’ acceptance of ceramic tile brands is also higher, so mid-to-high-end brands have become consumers’ preferred brands, while low-end brands and miscellaneous brands will be phased out in this area. With the gradual implementation of the country’s “Central Rise Strategy”, the central region The economic level of Central China continues to improve, and the awareness of ceramic tiles and the desire to buy are constantly rising, which has promoted the rapid development of the ceramic tile industry in Central China. The central market has become one of China's most promising and largest consumer markets. Mid-range brands may be favored by local consumers. With the continuous improvement of the four major aspects of the ceramic tile industry's second-tier brands' popularity, productivity, channels, and teams, the price advantage becomes more prominent. Therefore, second-tier brands will be more favored. At the same time, judging from the statistics of complaints involving brands, although local brands and miscellaneous brands are popular, they have the highest probability of complaints. This is mainly because such products are processed with inferior and inferior materials in order to reduce costs. There are also the most problems; first- and second-tier brands are relatively mature due to their service quality, and the proportion of complaints is the smallest. In the future market, mid-to-high-end brands will be favored by consumers. The reason is that the prices of mid-to-high-end brands are relatively civilian, which is within the range of most consumers. Although the third-tier brands have a price advantage, they have many complaints and are not cost-effective. In addition to brand selection, consumers pay more attention to cost performance. In the long run, mid-to-high-end decking tile brands will dominate the future market, and non-brand ceramic tiles will gradually be eliminated. In short, when the channel is sinking, ceramic tile companies must make arrangements in advance and have a deep understanding of consumer demand. Only in this way, ceramic tile companies can give you enough to seize more market share.
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