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The price of ceramic tile processing

by:JIABANG     2020-08-20
If small make up ask everyone, about the ceramic tile shop is stuck, likely to be most owners can answer, but, if small make up asked about ceramic tile processing process? Believe that many people would dumb mouth. Here is to introduce some information about ceramic tile processing.

the price of outdoor ceramic tile processing

the price of ceramic tile this form according to the different processing charges for the price is different also, ceramic tile manufacturers processing are: straight cutting, notching, down side, the line that play a base rounded, spelling a flower, and so on. The way to charge different place different processing is there a difference in the form of different processing plants. A common straight, general is by cutting the number of times ( Or a knife) To collect fees, usually in every knife cutting fee is one yuan, cutting the amount of the conference have discount. Kicking the cutting edge grinding, the general is 1. 2 - 1. 5 yuan/piece. Slot and the edge generally charge by the metre. Slot and the edge is in commonly 3 yuan/m. Spelling a flower of the processing fees, according to the area to calculate, general is in 400 yuan per square, excluding outdoor wood deck tiles. Additional processing microcrystalline jade, glazed ceramic products, all of them, and toll fee than the ordinary brick processing costs to be more expensive. Of ceramic tile of laid of


due to the quality of the different brands of ceramic tile, there exists a big difference between so antifouling performance will be different. So, when construction must pay attention to the protection. Basically has the following several aspects:

1, first check whether the surface of the bo changes a brick has been preserved, if not, must pass a wax again after the construction.

2, construction workers required at the time of construction will rubber mallet with white cloth before use. Antifouling performance bad ZhuanPi hammer knock brick leaves black print.

3, for just paved floor tile, can't walk, because of the wet solid brick, brick so as not to cause uneven surface.

4, for the newly paved granite floor tiles, must use the packing of ceramic tile ( Rain wear) Will the paved tiles cover, to prevent sand grinding outdoor wood deck tiles surface, and when decorating, use of coating paint and glue on the brick, brick surface pollution.

5, in the whole decoration completed, and then do a cleaning thoroughly, usual maintenance is easy.

I hope you in after watching the above information about ceramic tile processing, to have a certain understanding of ceramic tile processing, if you want to learn more, you also need to all be about, also can log on our website.

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