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The price list of ceramic tile and purposes

by:JIABANG     2020-08-25

the price of outdoor ceramic tile with the classification and use of it is inseparable relationship, so generally before buying ceramic tile, small make up suggest you go to search on the Internet related the price list of ceramic tile do next decided to really want to buy again! This small make up to introduce some relative prices and the use of ceramic tile, the hope can help to you!

1, first of all, let's take a look at one of the most common ceramic tile polishing brick. Smooth the surface of solid polishing brick wear-resisting, suit to use on the balcony and some exterior wall decoration, now most of the polishing brick, USES ooze to spend a technology can make all kinds of antique, imitation wood effect. The advantage of polishing brick is: radioactive element, no color difference, the intensity is high, the brick thin light weight in transportation. Left at the disadvantage is that: because of polishing outdoor wood deck tiles polish is concave and convex stomatal its fouling resistance is not strong. The 600 * 600, a case of only 4 pieces of ceramic tile, price of every piece of ceramic tile is in 21 yuan.

2, bo changes a brick is also a decoration in the process of the ceramic tile of common! It's polished bright don't need polishing, the surface of bo changes a brick is as smooth as glass bright, it is one of the most hard all outdoor ceramic tile. Bo changes a brick is: the advantages of soft colors, environmental protection, brick light, strong corrosion resistance. Disadvantages: due to the material and performance are better bo changes a brick, its cost is relatively high. This kind of ceramic tile is 800 * 800 specifications, 11 mm thickness, a case of only 3 piece of ceramic tile, the weight of each up to 50 kilograms, is the price per piece in RMB 69 yuan.

3, then say porcelain tiles. has a natural stone texture, at the same time also has a high resistance, high hardness, high wear resistance, and the advantages of small color. It has the luster of the marble, the advantages of porcelain tiles, lighter weight, high strength, chemical stability, acid, abrasion resistance, etc. This kind of ceramic tile is 800 * 800 specifications, per piece price is in 85 yuan.

4, the production of glazed tile is also a bit of a cultured, glazed tile glazed pottery is made of clay, quartz, feldspar, fire, so the price will be expensive. Surface can make all sorts of different pattern and design, because the surface has glaze, its wear resistance is reduced. But the color of the glazed tile pattern rich, specification, easy to clean and prevent slippery, is widely used in our kitchen and toilet. This kind of ceramic tile is 300 * 300 specifications, thickness of 10 mm, the number of each box is 15 pieces of ceramic tile, each 25 kg weight, is the price per piece in RMB 7 yuan. Can go to some shop to find out on the market to buy!

this is the current relevant contents about tile price list, of course, the price of the ceramic tile of different places may also are different, this is not surprising that! It is best to go to the store to ask the price to buy is the best thing to do!

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