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The package of ceramic tile edge wrap?

by:JIABANG     2020-08-09
At the time of shop sticks ceramic tile, we all must take into account many times the edge processing of ceramic tile, so how about ceramic tile edge processing? Let below small make up for us the information about the edge processing of ceramic tile.

metope ceramic tile shop sticks to don't pack side?

wall tile common Angle of Yang and Yin, and Yang Angle of ceramic tile is easily damaged, stick good or not directly affect beautiful. If the metope ceramic tile's post type package edge, can avoid the damage of Yang Angle place of ceramic tile.

a BanYang Angle edge grinding and package and two kinds of processing mode.

edge grinding, beautiful, can conceal ceramic tile for soaking water and left their mark.

package edge, cheap, ceramic tile using low loss.

there are two common edge horn material handling: one is aluminium alloy, the second is PVC material.

ceramic tile package edge processing method has the following three kinds:

1, brick inside 45 degrees, the two brick forming 90 degrees, is the appearance of figure 1, this weakness is easy because impact upon the bad side.

2, plus side, PVC material, with aluminum alloy. The former use fixed number of year low, brittle; Who can't change color, metal color, can't outdoor ceramic tile of the style is unified.

3, directly to the external Angle, leave an edge, see through, but very ugly, so each person do this. In fact, this problem is because buy bricks, without considering Yang Angle problem.

ceramic tile Yang Angle not serging touch bad reason analysis:

Yang Angle not serging touch is broken is made of glazed pottery, this outdoor wood deck tiles wall is no problem, but to the Angle, because he itself density is not very big, afraid of touch you again down a 45 degree Angle, greatly reduces the density. This 90 - degree Angle is empty, there is no cement, are often encountered, so easily broken.

that's small make up for everybody finishing on the edge of ceramic tile processing problem, hope to be able to help you better handle the effect of ceramic tile.

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