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The kitchen ceramic tile of choose and buy what method

by:JIABANG     2020-08-30

the kitchen is also need to decorate a large amount of outdoor ceramic tile area, the kitchen is a space that humidity is bigger, can have various steam cooking, if the skid resistance of the floor is not good, will be easy to slip when cook, the kitchen outdoor ceramic tile of choose and buy what method?

1, choice of kitchen outdoor ceramic tile is smooth or inferior smooth glazed pottery, so clean up more convenient, also can make fashionable effect;

2, ceramic tile ground material is the best choose inferior smooth surface, to reduce the risk of kitchen ground moisture to cause slipping; Kitchen and toilet water vapor is bigger, should not be mixed wall brick granite floor tiles, granite floor tiles otherwise unfavorable in the wall and firm, and wall brick is used in the ground for the meeting is bibulous too much and not easy to clean;

3, do not choose the kitchen surface concave and convex brick, because the kitchen is a place of shelter evil people and practices easily, as long as you cook a meal, can not avoid lampblack arise, it is easy to stick on the wall or on the ground, if choose the ceramic tile of uneven, scrubbing up will be very troublesome, in some places even couldn't wipe that over time, easy to form health dead Angle, affect the kitchen health environment, and damage to family health.

4, the ceramic tile in the kitchen or bathroom had better choose the ceramic tile is bibulous rate is low, because on the ground of the kitchen or bathroom most prone to a lot of water, and often want to wash with water, so it's best to choose the ceramic tile of bibulous rate is low, if choose the ceramic tile with high water absorption can lead to ceramic tile for a long period of time be affected with damp be affected with damp and prone to falls off phenomenon.

5, selectively brick is the best choice is the brick. Because on the surface of body brick not glaze, and the negative and positive body outdoor wood deck tiles from the material or from the above is the same color, and is the most slippery body brick.

the kitchen ceramic tile of choose and buy what method is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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