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The ground the choose what kind of ceramic tile

by:JIABANG     2021-01-19

before decorating the ground ceramic tile of choose and buy, we have to know the ground is divided into many ceramic tile, the ground so want to know, to know what kind of ceramic tile ceramic tile, introduce below small make up on the ground the choose what kind of ceramic tile?

1, glazed tile is actually refers to after burn the floor tile glaze processing, according to the raw materials can be divided into two kinds: ceramic glazed pottery, is refers to the granite floor tiles of pottery clay firing, this kind of granite floor tiles bibulous rate is higher, intensity is low; Porcelain glazed pottery, become by porcelain clay fire of floor tile, this kind of floor tile bibulous rate is low, intensity is relatively high. According to burnish different, still can be divided into the following two kinds: light glazed pottery and dumb smooth glazed pottery. 2, connect body outdoor wood deck tiles don't need this kind of ground ceramic tile surface glaze, and both the material and colour and lustre is consistent, hence the name. The brick is a kind of more wear-resisting floor tile, but can't compare with outdoor ceramic tile on the design and color. Most of the prevent slippery brick are belong to the brick. 3, polishing brick is the brick surface polished and become a kind of shining brick. Polishing brick belongs to connect body brick of a kind of derivatives. Polishing brick, relative to the plane of body brick coarse surface bright and clean. On the basis of the USES ooze to spend a technology, polishing outdoor wood deck tiles is ok make result of wood of all sorts of copy stone, copy. 4, bo changes a brick, bo changes a brick is made of quartz sand, mud fired according to certain proportion to make and then polished bright but not need polishing, surface such as glass mirror as smooth and bright, is one of the most hard all decking tile. Bo changes a brick at the edge of the water absorption and straight degree, bending strength, acid-proof alkaline etc is superior to common glazed tile, polished tile and marble. 5, is a special kind of Mosaic Mosaic brick, it generally formed by tens of piece small brick comprises a relatively big outdoor wood deck tiles. Is divided for Mosaic of pottery and porcelain, marble Mosaic, glass Mosaic. Ground decking tile of choose what types is introduced here, if you still want to know more can click on the brand ceramic tile details.

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