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The effect of tiles on the wall, what color looks good on the wall

by:JIABANG     2021-05-31

In fact, if the tiled place can be carefully designed, it can make this place the most pleasing attraction in the home. Different styles of tiles, with different combinations, paving and pasting in different rooms, will show different style effects. Tile paving is an art work. Whether it is good or not depends on the craftsmanship of the master, and it is also related to the preliminary design and planning. Take a look at some of the following wall tiling tutorials!

Different places, the selected tiles are very different. I have sorted it out and basically selected the types of tiles to be used indoors. I hope to be serious. Finished reading!

1. Living room

Generally, the tiles in the living room will choose light tones, such as white, light beige, solid color or slightly pattern, etc., in harmony with the overall specifications, it is best to choose Asia Light bricks, matt retro bricks can be used for the living room background wall. Such a hall is even more atmospheric!

2. Kitchen

Choose light and cool colors for kitchen tiles, such as white, light green, light gray, beige and so on. The wall and floor styles echo and coordinate, and match the cabinet style. Pay attention to the sense of uniformity and neatness, so that there will be no sense of abruptness. It is best to choose some colors that are not easy to stain.

3. Restaurant

Choose bright and warm-colored wall tiles for the restaurant tiles, such as white, beige, etc., with warm lighting to create a comfortable and gentle dining environment. Pay attention to the color of the wall tiles. In line with the overall decoration style. It looks warm and appetizing.

4. Bathroom

For the bathroom, light colors, such as white, beige, etc., can also be contrasted and matched. The styles of floor tiles and wall tiles should be matched and coordinated. If you choose mosaic, the application has artistic and personalized effects.

5. Balcony

If you have a balcony at home, it is better to choose a lighter color, such as light yellow, white, off-white, light black, etc. The styles of wall tiles and floor tiles are coordinated, and the color of the floor tiles is darker than that of the wall tiles.

6. Bedroom

Finally, let’s talk about the bedroom. Generally, it is recommended to paste wallpaper and wall covering for the bedroom to be more warm. If you really want to lay tiles, it is recommended to polish tiles or leather tiles. Such a bedroom will be much better for resting and other purposes!

This is the topic of what color to use for wall tiling in this issue. If you have any other ideas, you can realize it by yourself. There may be unexpected gains. Thank you for watching!

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