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The difference between polished tiles and glazed tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-06-06
Due to the continuous upgrading of our decoration, everyone is familiar with glazed tiles and polished tiles. Do you understand the advantages and disadvantages of glazed tiles and what is the difference between fully polished and polished tiles? As a very high-end building material, polished glaze not only represents the elegant and fashionable decoration art, but also is very enthusiastically sought after by high-end users. So this day, the editor will introduce the difference between these two products one by one! Polished tiles: ceramic tiles with a mirror-like surface after mechanical grinding and polishing. At this moment, the commonly known vitrified tiles are also a kind of polished tiles. It is an all-ceramic polished tile, and vitrification means a burnt-through tile! Features: 1. Low water absorption, 2. Good wear resistance; 3. High flexural strength and high hardness; 4. Good reprocessing Performance, can cut, polish, chamfer, etc. at will. Use place: It has a wide range of applications, and can be used in home walls and floors, hotels, office spaces, building exterior walls and other places. A ceramic tile with a glaze layer on the surface. This kind of brick is divided into two categories: one is fired with pottery clay, because the water absorption rate is high, it is necessary to burn the glaze, so it should be called ceramic tile to be precise. This kind of brick has low strength and is rarely used at the moment; The other is fired with porcelain clay, and glaze is also burned in order to pursue decorative effects. This kind of decking tile has compact structure, high strength, low water absorption, strong stain resistance, and the price is slightly higher than that of clay-fired tiles. made of porcelain clay are currently widely used in home decoration, and 80% of buyers use this type of tiles as floor decoration materials. The trick to distinguish between the two types of bricks is simple: the back of the ceramic-fired tiles are red, and the back of the porcelain-fired bricks are white. Among the ceramic tiles made with clay, wall and floor tiles produced in Spain are currently popular in Beijing due to their unique decorative effects. However, the price of such tiles is relatively high, and they are generally used for mid-to-high-end home decoration. : It is composed of two parts: the base of the ceramic tile and the glaze layer on the surface. According to the reflection of light, it can be divided into two types: bright and matt. Features: 1. Mainly more abundant changes in texture and color, with a lot of room for personalized selection. 2. Superior antifouling performance. The glaze is a very dense substance, and dirt cannot enter it. Use place: At this moment, it is mainly used for the wall and floor of the kitchen and bathroom, and the glazed antique outdoor wood deck tiles is also used on the ground. [Comparison of the difference between polished tiles and fully polished glazed tiles] The color difference between polished tiles and fully polished outdoor ceramic tile The color of polished tiles is relatively single, and there is not much change. Because the glazed tiles are glazed after being printed with patterns, the color should be bright. Looking at the side of the tiles, the layering of outdoor ceramic tile is more obvious, and the glazed surface is clearly visible. The difference between polished tiles and fully polished outdoor ceramic tile. Polished tiles are bright tiles that are polished on the surface of the whole body, which are easier to get dirty. , Full polished glaze is a kind of antique tiles, both fully polished glaze antique tiles and polished tiles are porcelain tiles, and they are polished on the surface, but the surface of the fully polished glaze is transparent, and the polished tiles are the original tiles. Perform polishing. are composed of two parts: embryo body and glazed surface, so when distinguishing, you can see whether the side or cross section of the tile is the same, or whether the surface of the tile and the color of the embryo are the same. , The inconsistency is glazed tiles. The texture difference between polished tiles and fully polished glazed tiles The textures of polished tiles and polished glazed tiles are different. The texture of polished tiles cannot be very small, and polished glazed tiles can achieve fine lines like needlework. The difference in anti-fouling performance between polished tiles and fully polished glazed tiles. Polished tiles are suitable for use in most indoor spaces except toilets and kitchens. However, the uneven pores left by the polished tiles when they are made, these pores will trap dirt and cause the surface It is easy to infiltrate pollutants, and even some tea water poured on the polished tiles is weak, but the anti-pollution effect of polished glazed tiles far exceeds that of polished tiles. The price difference between polished tiles and fully polished glazed tiles. Polished glazed tiles have a high degree of imitation. It combines the advantages of antique tiles and polished tiles. The tile surface is polished on the basis of glazed tiles. The process is more complicated than polished tiles, and the appearance is existing. The rich colors of glazed tiles and the brightness and cleanliness of polished tiles make them more expensive than polished tiles.
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