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The difference between ceramics and ceramic tile

by:JIABANG     2020-08-26

many people heard of ceramics and ceramic tile, or rare, but many people don't understand ceramics, ceramics and ceramic tile is the same, it is used for the shop is stuck for decoration, for many of the owners, it is easy to confuse. Actually otherwise, tiles and ceramics has the very big difference, the difference between what the ceramics and ceramic tile? Today let's take a look at the difference between ceramics and ceramic tile! ! ! !

1, classified different

ceramics is belong to China, belongs to ceramics, with the vase in the home or plate material is the same, therefore classified as porcelain. But belongs to the ceramic tile floor, belong to the outdoor wood deck tiles, fired is to make the process of both has the very big difference, the materials used are also different, belong to different categories.

2, smooth degree of surface

for ceramics, more smooth, more beautiful, the better, the outdoor ceramic tile must have certain skid resistance, ensure the normal use.

3, the thickness of the

although tiles and ceramics have word of a porcelain, but there is a big gap and the thickness of the thickness of the ceramics is thin, light weight. But thick ceramic tile, the heavy weight, it also determines the different USES and different ways to paste. If the ceramic tile with the method of the ceramics paste, will cause the fall of ceramic tile, if ceramics will way stickup ceramic tile, would not show a good adornment effect.

4, the service life of the different

ceramics than outdoor ceramic tile short service life. And sold on the market of ceramics bibulous rate is in commonly 10%, with many cracks appear easily, some even appear rupture.

5, the internal quality of a material different requirements

ceramics is very strict with the number of air bubble inside, had better not. Because there are air bubbles, in the seas, it is easy to fracture. And the number of tiles on bubble request is not high.

6, use the

ceramics refers to a piece, are commonly used to decorate metope, but ceramics is not direct contact with metope, but there is a certain distance between with metope. Although also can decorate metope ceramic tile, outdoor ceramic tile is the whole piece of outdoor wood deck tiles, however, is not, after pasting and metope is completely put together, with cement sand fixed in the middle.

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