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The cultural characteristics of archaize brick

by:JIABANG     2020-05-02
< p > archaize brick products imported from abroad first, after the people digestion, absorption, innovation to produce new building ceramic products. Tell from the craft, archaize brick is evolved from CaiYouZhuan, is essentially a glazed porcelain tiles. The use function of archaize brick and culture connotation, has extended to a larger building decoration field. As a kind of elegant culture elements contained product, the application scope of archaize brick has a very wide zoom in very wide. Elegant culture can not only cover the elegant consumption culture, also can cover the mass consumer culture. If from the perspective of elegant culture archaize brick, in summary, archaize brick can be divided into the following cultural connotation and characteristics. < / p > < p > < / p > < p > archaize brick by the world's civilization and national culture type classification, can be divided into romantic about Europe, Africa, Egypt, mysterious ancient India original amorous feelings, elegant, such as China, the ancient kingdom of several major series of products. And the popular is romantic and elegant European top the scope of China's series of varieties of archaize brick. Here, the colour of archaize brick on become influential elements in product design. In the field of art appreciation color itself can represent a kind of mood, and can also represents a certain customs and habits. On a archaize brick product series, the tile design also become a symbol of civilization and the symbol, the archaize brick decorated on the wall, there is no doubt that eye-catching effect. Archaize brick style elegant, can the imagination of the viewer reorganization, can let a person feel the charm of classical art symbols. < / p > < p > < / p > < p > in a variety of decorative ceramic tile products used in indoor and outdoor space, people more and more like the pursuit of the light products. And archaize brick, is adapted to the needs of people view a high comfortable, therefore archaize brick products also presents the characteristics of the inferior smooth type more. In order to work, the host rush about a day in the outside, return to home park, quiet and tastefully laid out and quiet right. Due to the inferior smooth sex archaize brick, make the viewer looks not dazzling, the sense that gives a person no longer, but reflect a deep emotional appeal, and there is a kind of nostalgia. In fact, the inferior smooth style of the ancients and the use of light polishing, basic functions, the main difference is inferior smooth brick abrasion resistance. < / p > < p > < / p > < p > archaize brick is classical, polishing brick is more modern and ancient typical archaize brick is relapsing fever caused by culture. In general, choose archaize brick to decorate more emotional appeal, grade. Also suitable for all kinds of style collocation. Type vitrified archaize brick to soft luster, color is rich, smooth texture, style the adornment effect of of primitive simplicity and the use function of anti-slip easy clean huo, application widely and get more and more designers and consumers alike, the market share in gradually expanding. Porcelain archaize brick can use rotary printing, dry glazing and half behind, and other advanced technology, formed the coffee time, sounds of nature, a wood space, shadow play, painting s deep feelings, put my mind, coast and so on a series of products, they cover the rock copy stone, copy, imitation wood, imitation, imitation leather and fake metal and other texture features, and after 80 or 90 at the beginning of a new generation of love novel consumer attention. < / p > < p > < / p > < p > archaize brick is a unique ceramic tile product, both in terms of use, are also different. As the classic feelings in living in adornment is powerful, provides the popular archaize brick market development foundation. When decorate some archaize brick tile surface grinding and intentionally form irregular border, create the appearance that erodes via years, in order to portray historical sense and natural feeling. In addition, the trampling of archaize brick feels general very comfortable, walk to have dependable, warm and relaxed. Archaize brick is both simple and thick, contented there is no lack of again the exquisite moist of porcelain, it also broke through the foot feels inferior to the tradition of wooden floor, outdoor ceramic tile add design and color of outdoor ceramic tile itself to match easily combination, the characteristics of the surface clears easily, more and more get the favour of people. < / p > < p > < / p > < p > archaize brick production process is not complicated, its process flow and the CaiYouZhuan and later, the crystal brick is basically the same technology is also by CaiYouZhuan evolved, crystal brick production technology. Less than 5%, is the perfect combination of art brick and porcelain tiles. < / p > < p > < / p > < p > < / p >
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