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The ceramic tile of super and maintenance of knowledge

by:JIABANG     2020-07-28

in our life, a lot of people for love, will use a different way, something to home for maintenance, maintenance of outdoor ceramic tile also is more, of course, a lot of people are in progress. But more sad is that many people, both in the maintenance of myth, also to think their own maintenance are correct, for professional maintenance error, can let us avoid the maintenance method. Below we share strong ceramic tile of knowledge.

strong knowledge of a ceramic tile, ceramic tile oil and antifouling

the kitchen to prevent ceramic tile, the oil that is undoubtedly the premise is don't use the poor quality of ceramic tile. Because the density of porcelain is insufficient, can waterproof, oil absorption, lead to more problems!

common problem: difficult cleaning

the kitchen is the place where pollution is most serious, the kitchen ceramic tile has the oil pollution is also inevitable, particularly cracks in a thick layer of oil is difficult to remove.

the solution: acidic cleaner help

for a long time left on the outdoor ceramic tile of oil separate oil removal product is useless, only if the tiles or cracks on the oil pollution is very thick, with a shovel shovel, or with steel ball clean first, after got thin, can use an acid or compounds dissolve detergent to clean.

the ceramic tile of strong knowledge of 2: proof that defend bath soap scum

in life people often use soap to wash hands to keep them clean, but the placement of soap undeserved can make outdoor ceramic tile leaves yellow soap

scale, soap.

common problem: dirt bathroom tiles with soap

often use soap place between wei yu most likely to remain a small amount of soap, and this leads to the ceramic tile between bath soap left dirt, especially for a long time don't clean the dirt, more difficult to remove.

the solution: brush with hydrochloric acid to battle

for soap of dirt on the ceramic tile can rinse with warm water first, make the black dirty part dissolves, use the brush to erase gently again. In addition, you can also use sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid solution. The drop in the face of outdoor wood deck tiles, rest for a few minutes to wipe, pay attention to the hand protection.

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