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The beauty floor tile seam do ceramic tile seam an agent and how much will it cost

by:JIABANG     2021-01-20

now people aesthetic standard, more and more people will use ceramic tile beauty when ceramic tile seam. Beauty of ceramic tile seam an agent can not only add the aesthetic of the bedroom, at the same time avoid stains ceramic tile aperture, reduce bacteria, ensure your family's health. So the beauty floor tile seam do, ceramic tile seam an agent how much is the price? Want to know dear friends can come to see.

seam granite floor tiles beauty do

1, the construction need to be ready before the seam an agent, silicone gun, pressure edge ball, pen knife, brush and other tools.

2, granite floor tiles seam to do? Then will clean decking tile aperture processing, and then with the help of the seam cone to ceramic tile seam shovel out a 2 mm deep grooves, convenient and beautiful seam an agent, not because of too little beautiful seam dose off.

3, put the seam an agent mouth turned on, and put on the glue guns, installed plastic mouth, according to the size of the seam, a lateral incision with box cutters proper treatment.

4, when the seam an agent processing, can according to different requirements, choose different beautiful seam an agent, color also can be choose.

5, the United States in construction of seam an agent, it is best to use crepe paper, if the construction does not paste, crepe paper processing tile on the residual material is more difficult. Especially after it dried up, with the shovel handle to produce ceramic tile scratches easily, affect beautiful.

6, in the end, the seam an agent very well, you can use the shovel to root out the beauty of a small amount of residual seam an agent, so beautiful seam an agent is completed.

the ceramic tile seam an agent how much is the price

1, the force of high

the force high is typical representative of ceramic tile seam beauty brand, it is given priority to with high quality, environmental protection, long service life. And the beauty of the brand seam an agent bright color, adornment effect is good, can meet the demand of current owners, price around 39 yuan/square meters.

2, swift,

d ceramic tile seam beauty is also very good, can keep clean as new ceramic tile aperture, and the colour is more low-key simple but elegant, create a comfortable atmosphere that occupy the home. The brand beauty of ceramic tile seam an agent quality is reliable, the price is reasonable, generally at about 48 yuan/square meters.

3, submarine,

the submarine is also very famous ceramic tile seam beauty brands, formed its own advantage in the industry, the submarine ceramic tile seam can easily solve the problem of all kinds of decoration, reduce labor costs, the price is in 108 yuan/square meters or so.

4, seam emperor

seam huang has always been the trusted brand in consumer memory, its toughness is good, durable, but also have waterproof mouldproof nature, become the ideal users, its price is in 125 yuan/square meters or so.

small make up: the beauty of granite floor tiles seam do, ceramic tile seam an agent content simple introduction to the price, believe everyone understand! seam beauty is very important for an outfit, it is recommended that you'd better master the beauty some ceramic tile seam a method.

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