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Teach you to buy tiles like this so that you will not be deceived

by:JIABANG     2021-05-04

   When many people buy ceramic tiles, they will have a feeling of 'dog bites a hedgehog, no way to speak'. With the development of the entire market, there are more and more types and models of ceramic tiles, and it is also difficult for genuine and fake products. Distinguish, so the following is to teach you to buy tiles in this way so that you will not be deceived.

Once the    tiles are not properly selected, they are not only easy to get dirty and difficult to clean, but also if they are accidentally knocked and touched, they are easy to crack. It is easy to accumulate dust, not to mention, there is such a long crack in the living room, I really can't stand it. It's okay to have spare bricks, but you can only endure it without you, or it will cost a lot of money to renovate the floor. And if a relatively small space like the kitchen and bathroom is mostly covered with 300*300 tiles, if you choose inferior tiles, although there will be no long cracks like the above, but after living for a long time, the corners and corners are very large. Prone to problems.   So when you are decorating, you must use snacks when choosing tiles. Don't just pass by just because you don't understand. You will regret it when you wait until the decoration is finished.   At home decoration, it must be all you like at a glance, no flaws! Before choosing a outdoor wood deck tiles, you must understand your family and your own preferences. If you don't understand, you can check the information on the Internet first, and then transfer to the market if you don't know it. You will know what you like after two times.   I will introduce you to buy ceramic tiles in this way so that you will not be deceived. There are many types of ceramic tiles mentioned above. At this point, you need to further confirm what kind of tiles do you use. Polished tiles or polished glazes? Antique brick or vitrified outdoor wood deck tiles? These must be understood clearly so that we can choose a good decking tile.

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