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Teach you the magic of tile maintenance wax

by:JIABANG     2021-05-09

Waxing is one of the counterfeit methods of porcelain, a measure of floor maintenance. Waxing the floor can decontaminate and polish, increase the appearance, and can prevent insects, moisture, cracks, reduce external corrosion and wear on the floor, and extend the service life of the floor. It is a necessary measure for floor maintenance. Water wax, solid wax, liquid wax, natural wax, spray wax can be applied. At present, there are all kinds of tile maintenance waxes on the market, so everyone will wonder which brand of tile maintenance wax is better? Now we will introduce which brand of decking tile maintenance wax is better.

  The new green environmental protection product Lvzhiyuan tile care wax is China's first cleaning product produced according to the cosmetic raw material process. The advent of this product has filled the gap of 'waterless cleaning in China's cleaning industry'. It has been highly valued and promoted by the environmental protection department. It adopts American technology and contains a broad-spectrum fungicide. It integrates cleaning, glazing, care, and sterilization functions. While cleaning the tiles, the tiles are effectively treated. It is easy to use, non-sticky, non-slip, and can be used frequently. Make your tiles clean and bright. It is the best product for a new generation of porcelain care. Main ingredients: Silicone oil, PALCLEAN's unique decontamination factor, Sur sterilization liquid, leather protection protein, antistatic agent, softening factor, natural plant extract Product function: It can polish and maintain the tile, repair minor scratches on the surface of the tile, and on the surface Form a layer of long-lasting protective film, which can effectively resist static electricity, improve the gloss of tiles, and be bright and durable. Scope of application: suitable for all kinds of tiles, stoves, marble and other surface How to use: 1. Clean and dry the tiles. 2. Use a sponge or cloth to wipe the product evenly on the tiles, then polish with a dry towel.

   Actually there are so many tile maintenance waxes, but you have to choose the one that suits you, so you don’t have to worry about which brand of tile maintenance wax is good. As long as it suits you, it’s the best. I hope everyone can pick a good tile maintenance wax. !

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