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Talking about the skills of choosing kitchen tiles from the particularity of the kitchen

by:JIABANG     2021-05-07

In the decoration of new homes, it can be said that the kitchen and bathroom are the most representative of individuality. Among them, the decoration of the kitchen not only reflects the personality of the owner, because of its own particularity, we need to decorate it even more. Taking into account the aspects of waterproof, moisture-proof, oil-resistant and easy to clean. So, what are the tips for choosing kitchen tiles?

1. Dark colors should not be selected for kitchen tiles.

Light colors can be selected from white, light green, light gray and other calming colors. Such colors will give people a clean, tidy, simple and pleasant feeling. If it is a small kitchen, light colors can make people feel that the space is expanding.

2. The size of ceramic tiles should not be large.

Currently, the common specifications of kitchen floor tiles are mainly 300×300 and 330×330.

3. Tiles on the back of the cabinet can not be saved

The back of the cabinet also needs to be covered with tiles. Firstly, ceramic tiles are the best protection for the kitchen wall waterproof layer; secondly, ceramic tiles will greatly reduce the erosion of kitchen moisture on the cabinets and prevent the cabinets from becoming moldy. Thirdly, tiling tiles is beneficial to leveling the cabinet with the ground and wall, making the joints of the cabinet and the wall and ground coincide, maintaining the beauty of the cabinet and protecting the service life of the cabinet.

4. It is not advisable to mix wall and floor tiles in the kitchen.

Floor tiles are best to use matt non-slip outdoor ceramic tile to prevent the kitchen from making the floor slippery.

5. Lighting determines the category of tiles

The lighting of the kitchen is one of the elements for selecting tiles. If the kitchen has low lighting, you can choose polished tiles; if the kitchen is larger and the lighting is good, you can choose matt tiles.

6. Bricks should avoid using waistline

For small kitchens, avoid using tile waistline when choosing kitchen tiles.

7. Focus on brand technology

In recent years, the domestic kitchen decking tile manufacturing process and technology have become more mature, making the design style and design gradually In line with international standards. Among the building materials whose national standard is higher than the European standard, ceramic tiles are one of the few building materials products. Some domestic products are not inferior to well-known foreign brands, but the price-performance ratio is much higher.

The above are some of the more practical kitchen tile purchase skills that are fully combined with the particularity of the kitchen. For the design of the kitchen, it really requires the owners to pay more attention. After all, the kitchen is an important place that controls our meals, and our health has a lot to do with it.

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