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Picture of soft tiles, the use of soft tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-03

  The difference between soft tiles and traditional tiles is its texture. The soft tiles are soft in texture and feel like cowhide, with prominent patterns and strong three-dimensionality. Soft ceramic tiles mainly add flexible elements to the ceramic tiles, which changes the cold and hard texture of traditional ceramic tiles, making them more flexible and warm. The following editor will introduce the characteristics and uses of soft ceramic tiles.

  1. The base layer must be smooth and free of powder before pasting soft tiles (when touching the wall or the ground by hand, there is no powder and dust on the hands), no The requirement of sand bulge, otherwise it will seriously affect the adhesive strength. Therefore, when using cement to batch the surface, it is strictly forbidden to add lime paste/powder and other substances that can cause fly ash to the cement, and it is also strictly forbidden to use cement with small marks or substandard quality. If a special bonding paste is used for bonding, the base layer is also required to be dry.

  2, when pasting each outdoor wood deck tiles, you must use a rubber roller or a squeegee to smooth from top to bottom, from left to right, and compact to ensure that the paste area between the soft tile and the base layer reaches 100% , To prevent hollowing.

  How to construct soft decking tile. Introduction to the construction process of soft decking tile.

  3. Before laying soft ceramic tiles, soft ceramic tiles should not be cleaned with hydrochloric acid. They should be cleaned with hand sanitizer or detergent.

  4. When purchasing soft tiles, the protective film on the surface must be removed after caulking.

  5. Paving soft ceramic tiles with external and internal corners: avoid leaving seams at the corners of soft tiles, and the best seam point is 2.5cm away from the corners.

   After reading the soft tile construction technology introduced by the editor, do you know how to lay soft tiles correctly? The above is a related introduction about the construction process of soft ceramic tiles. If you want to know more about soft ceramic tiles, please pay more attention to it. The editor will provide you with more complete, more detailed and updated information.

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