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New Zhongyuan ceramic tile price list

by:JIABANG     2021-05-13

  Tile is a kind of material that is commonly used in decoration, so there are various brands on the market. You can choose the brand you need according to your needs when choosing. The following editor will introduce you to the new Zhongyuan ceramic tile price list.

   1. New Zhongyuan ceramic tile price: first of all, glazed tile must know that this glazed tile can be said to be a very good product among many tiles at present. This product has a good surface gloss, and the most important thing is It also has a lot of patterns. When choosing, you can match it according to different decoration styles, which can bring you different effects. At the same time, I also know that the brightness of this glazed tile is good, giving people a bright decoration feeling. As for its price, it can be said that it is between 100-300 yuan, but it also depends on different series, and the price will fluctuate. .  2, the price of new Zhongyuan ceramic tiles: the appearance of the tile    tile will be relatively beautiful in terms of design, and there are also a variety of choices in color matching. It is actually a very good choice for some users who like to pursue an elegant life. The design of the tile is relatively elegant, and the quality specifications can be said to have a good guarantee. For users, it can create a more comfortable life enjoyment. As for its price, it is about 80 yuan or more. There are also more than 300 yuan of good quality.  3, the price of new Zhongyuan decking tile: microcrystalline stone    microcrystalline stone can be said to be a relatively high-end product in the types of ceramic tiles, and this product is also subject to secondary processing. Microcrystalline stone is relatively thin and has good gloss. This kind of product increases the aesthetics of the tile itself and does not appear particularly dull. Therefore, it is also particularly suitable for use in home decoration. Microcrystalline stone is a good choice. It can improve the design atmosphere of the home, and it can also meet the life needs of users. Generally speaking, its price is It will be more expensive, and the price is probably above 1,000. 4. New Zhongyuan ceramic tile price: polished tile polished tile is a product with an extra layer of light on the original basis. It can be said that this product is also of very high quality, and the overall abrasion resistance is also great. Upgrade has become a representative of a longer service life. New Zhongyuan’s polished tiles have a good reputation. Relatively speaking, its price is also affordable. The price is probably between 80-200 yuan. Finally, the price must be based on the style. 5. The price of Xinzhongyuan ceramic tiles: the design of the antique bricks and antique bricks will be relatively distinctive. This product is also sintered at a high temperature of 1,000 degrees. At the same time, this processing also makes the overall wear resistance better. The promotion. The design of this ceramic tile is relatively simple and elegant, and it is currently favored by many consumers. As for its price, it is probably between 50-200 yuan. Summary: The relevant content of the new Zhongyuan ceramic tile price list is introduced here. From the above, we can see that there are many factors that affect the price of ceramic tiles. When you choose, you still have to decide according to your decoration style. The price of different types of tiles The difference is still quite big, these are all needs to pay attention to.

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