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New house decoration, how to prevent tiles from falling off

by:JIABANG     2021-05-12

New house decoration, how to prevent tiles from falling off 1. Clean up the base surface before tiling, such as lime plaster, latex paint, wallpaper and other decorative objects on the wall, or dirt on the floor, must be cleaned, otherwise the cement mortar The base layer is not firmly bonded; in addition, if the wall itself has cracks, it should be properly treated before tiling, so as to prevent the cracks in the basic structure from becoming larger in the future and causing the wall tiles to crack or fall off; in addition, there is a gap in flatness or verticality Cement mortar should be used to level the ground and walls that are too large. Before laying, compare the color difference of the tiles.    2, wall tiles should be fully immersed in water      Because wall tiles have a high moisture content, this characteristic must be considered when pasting. The base layer should be fully watered and moist before tiling, otherwise, the moisture in the mortar will be quickly absorbed by the dry base layer and ceramic tiles and quickly condense, which will affect its bonding fastness. Otherwise, the wall tiles will absorb water from the cement, making the cement unable to act as an adhesive.     3. Paving the floor tiles should first pave the ground.     Pave the uncoated floor tiles on the ground. After knocking out, spread the cement slurry all over the floor tiles and spread them on the ground. The diagonal positions of the four tiles are flush. The order of laying is also particular. The floor tiles should be pasted from the inside to the outside. If the ground has a slope or a floor drain, pay attention to find the slope according to the drainage direction; the wall tiles should be pasted from the bottom to the top. For the sake of beauty, the bottom tiles should be pasted. Press the floor tiles after the wall tiles are pasted. In addition, one wall cannot be pasted to the top at a time to prevent the tiles from having a large weight and causing collapse. Don't step on it for a short time after laying the floor tiles.    4. Soak the tiles as much as possible     In summer, because the materials are drier than usual, so for floor tiles, tiles and other materials that need to be soaked in water, the time of soaking should be extended to make the water close to the saturated state. In this way, water will not be absorbed from the cement due to the drying of the tiles during bonding, resulting in weak bonding with the cement, hollowing, and falling off, which will bring you unnecessary trouble.     In order to cater to the trendy consumers, some new technology methods have emerged on the market, such as tile adhesives, colorful caulking agents, and seam paving. Tile adhesive (also called dry pasting method), the tile does not need to be immersed in water in advance, and the base surface does not need to be wetted, as long as the basic premise of the paving is good, the homework situation is greatly improved.

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