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Negative ion ceramic tile?

by:JIABANG     2020-04-03
< / p> < p> please anion outdoor ceramic tile, after tests found that if if laid anion ceramic tile in the room, then in the air of negative oxygen ion concentration will improve a lot, because the negative oxygen ion can produce positive group and metabolism of human body, so in the room was laid in a negative ion outdoor ceramic tile will feel very comfortable, like a body in the feeling of nature, if placed indoor, a humidifier, the effect will be more obvious. < / p> < p> please anion ceramic tile, negative ion ceramic tile is with air purification function, especially had appeared some air pollution of the indoor space, although can't do the whole purification, but still can be a part of, now a lot of people in decorating, select healthy green environmental protection product, the negative ion ceramic tile is the right choice, can not only have adornment effect, still can make indoor air was optimized, bacteriostatic and antibacterial effect, can also be very suitable for use in the kitchen or bathroom. < / p> < p> fog particles in the air with a positive charge will be neutralized by anion ceramic tile release negative ions, can make a result the floccules settling down, components can also be in the air purification, and negative ions is oxidising, so can also be harmful gas formaldehyde and so on, so that the living environment is safer and more comfortable, we all know, after decorating, how many there will be a contain a lot of harmful substances in the air, and negative ion can antibacterial anti-mildew, is to protect human health, can also be stable blood pressure, improve sleep quality, brain development is also beneficial to the child. < / p> < p> < / p>
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