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Love born different good ceramic tile

by:JIABANG     2020-10-23
Slip up 30%, level 5 anti-fouling, durable in one hundred ceramic tile is a major categories of architectural sanitary ceramics, also one of the most widely building materials in the construction engineering application. Many shoppers will say that the manufacturing process of ceramic tile is not complicated, but why the quality of ceramic tile is not the same? The price difference is very big also? Edit today and you talk about why your good ceramic tile! In where! What is natural ceramic tile of different good! Why good ceramic tile price expensive? production process are all the same, but good ceramic tile product internal control standard is not the same as (often Water absorption, flatness, adobe height, etc. ) ; Technical support is also different to the original stone 2. 0 +, for example: 3 d printing, penetrating ink technology, adsorption factor technology, nano crystal technology, 360 ° all porcelain technology, dong peng institute for two years and eight patents, was born out of this autumn new product, if there is no high cost, high investment, how can the world amazing air products? The 120th China import and export commodities fair ( Canton fair) The original stone, 2. The penetration of 0 + ink technology is what concept? The original stone body compared with other kind of body 1. Rough stone is all decking tile in the category of the most hard, wear-resisting, the anti-pollution products and warranty in 106. 2. On the premise of the most hard, wear-resisting, the original stone texture effect of more and more rich, this is the trend of the development of the ceramic tile. Because of the above five technology, the original stone 2. 0 + has been widely recognized in the industry for the outdoor wood deck tiles surface decorative pattern is not repeated, 3 d printing) , outdoor wood deck tiles surface cutting chamfer (color Penetration ink) , children, older people is not easy to slide to the ( Adsorption factor) , outdoor wood deck tiles surface to clean ( Nanometer crystal) Fastness, more flowers ( 360 ° ceramic tile) 。 The original stone. 2. 0 + product of fall in love with different natural good ceramic tile design blueprint originated from Italian carrara mountain top jazz white marble stone, pure white, decorated with pure grey, fashionable and full of charm. Gray lines free distribution, or elegant, or detailed, reflects the strong contemporary breath, application space free and at ease, profound Italian grace. Component white, texture and pure Snow White marble, has the characteristics of the crystal, snow and transparent. East peng Snow White charcoal grain free distribution on a white background, like snow cover in the mountains, the sun appears to be healthy and energetic. Kemen crack of years vicissitudes of life traces, massiness and natural color, the crisscross pesters is one integrated mass, after sending out the excessive magnificence washed peaceful and carefree. With change of product space of the shop is stuck, is permeated with low-key costly, highlight the noble aesthetic temperament and interest and unique culture grade. Finland marble production is not high, mainly concentrated in the Lapland region of Finland, it also makes the Finnish marble is very popular, such as Finland, unique Green lift the Lappia Green, cream-colored and Finland as Finland in the marble stone, one of the few cream-colored ties, all over the world. Grey lines interweave distributions of Finland cream-colored, expresses the delicate and abundant natural effect, large area of the shop is stuck more reflects its unique precious texture. Blue bell and fei bei Lou belong to Italy produces high-end marble, blue bell of blue more dream, Mr Brown's brown more romantic. Blue bell straight grain, such as waves, Mr Brown's grain is more like a beach, the fluctuation of ocean waves, also have a quiet night in the sand, the movement of a static combination makes Mr Brown is more rare. Good ceramic tile, custom service experts - also in the terminal services industry East peng TCS the honourable service good decking tile often provide the good service, ceramic industry terminal services do better space applications with the shop is stuck vision effect is not bad, but also for daily use in the future can be secure, because security is an important content, has the good service is good security. Services also covers the pre-sale, sale, after-sale and contents and so on.
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