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Jane one marble tile price

by:JIABANG     2021-05-02

   Nowadays, people pay attention to realism in decoration, especially for this tile. If you do it well, you can save a lot of money in minutes. I will briefly talk about a new brand in this issue. Jane marble tiles, this tile is now more familiar to many people, so what is the price and quality of Jane marble tiles? (Jianyi marble tile price)

  Because there are many types of ceramic tiles, the length of the space is relatively large, so I have screened the more popular ones from the Internet. :

  1. Jane One Marble Tile Greek Earl White

Among the majestic   , how leisurely and elegant. The vastness and quietness of quicksand, demonstrating unparalleled tolerance and limitless space for thinking. Persevering in the pursuit of the heart, simplicity and freedom, annotating the honor and elegance of jazz life. The color is more delicate and the wear resistance is higher. It is found in many high-end places, so the price is more expensive. The official website's quotation goes to: 466 yuan/piece.

  2. Jianyi Marble Tile Crystal Beige

   This tile is quite special. The most direct manifestation is the appearance of this tile. It is auspicious and the texture is like clouds. During the period of embellishment with the cut surface pattern of the shells, a continuous space of wisdom is glowing. And because it is beige, it can be fully used in many places. For example, the bathroom and lobby are both good choices. The price is relatively objective. Go to: 466 yuan/piece.

  3. Jianyi marble tile Roman yellow travertine

   The characteristics of this tile are more obvious, because its color is yellower, but it doesn’t look old at all. It’s beautiful The posture of yellow represents comfort and warmth. The realistic texture blends into a smooth and colorful posture, and the personality is beautiful, warm and flexible. Therefore, it can be seen in many high-end places. The price is relatively more expensive than the above two models. Go to: 566 yuan / yuan.

   More tiles can go to the official website of this tile to view, the editor just screened a few more audiences, if you want to know more related content, please continue to pay attention to our Official website! Finally, thank you for watching! See you in the next issue! (Jianyi marble tile price)


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