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Hutch defends tiles and bathroom ceramic tile of choose and buy

by:JIABANG     2020-09-02

when the house toilet decorates, calls the basic choose outdoor ceramic tile decoration, decorate toilet USES ceramic tile not only can let the class to improve the whole space that defend bath, also can let a bathroom appear more elegant and comfortable, so, what kind of ceramic tile, bathroom with ceramic tile of choose and buy toilet which should pay attention to, the following this paper is to introduce to you.

what toilet with good ceramic tile: choose the ceramic tile is bibulous rate is low

toilet often want to use water, because we need to choose the ceramic tile of bibulous rate is low, is not prone to cracking problems such as inflation, when we buy porcelain, need to check the water absorption of ceramic tile, if the label on the surface of the ceramic tile is not indicate the bibulous rate, so we can be in water droplets on the back of the ceramic tile, wait a few minutes to watch the water diffusion process, the less easy to spread, said bibulous rate is low, the quality is relatively good.

what toilet with good ceramic tile: choose the ceramic tile quality of a material is high density

users when choosing ceramic tile of toilet also select quality of a material of high density, high density of the texture of outdoor ceramic tile and said better hardness, this kind of ceramic tile is used for toilet, not prone to damage, easy to clean. When we in the ceramic tile of choose and buy, can be viewed from the side surface of the ceramic tile whether level off, whether there will be a pinhole sizes. At the same time, we can tap ceramic tile, look at the sound of the ceramic tile is clear, if the sound is crisp tile texture density is excellent.

what toilet with ceramic tile, outdoor wood deck tiles surface glazing degree

our family in the toilet of ceramic tile of choose and buy, also need to see ceramic tile surface glazing, can use hard scratched surface of ceramic tile, if there is a scratch, said ceramic tile glaze thinner. Glazing thinner after polishing ceramic tile in the glaze layer, easy to stain on the surface appear, be difficult to clean up, security is relatively low. And those without glazing ceramic tile is not suitable for shop is on the toilet damp sealing environment, can lead to a tile on the moisture can't send out, prone to mildew.

bathroom ceramic tile of choose and buy should pay attention to what the

1, ceramic tile, waterproof non-slip primarily

wall brick toilet should choose waterproof, anti-corrosion, anti-mildew ceramic tile, granite floor tiles is the best choose waterproof non-slip performance is good, had better choose the granite floor tiles of uneven patterns.

2, see ceramic tile flatness

toilet of ceramic tile of choose and buy when the need to look at its flatness, if roughness is poorer, ceramic tile ceramic tile is prone to cock, change more troublesome.

3, see the fouling resistance of ceramic tile,

choose ceramic tile of toilet also depends on its resistance to fouling, the fouling resistance lower surface of the tile using a few years later will lead to dirty, effect the beauty of the toilet.

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