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Hutch defends the ceramic tile of choose and buy guide

by:JIABANG     2020-09-03

a lot of people in choosing a kitchen bathroom tiles are headache, because the two places is relatively easy ooze water, if you choose the ceramic tile of thickness is not good, it is easy to cause water seepage of wall. Kitchen and bathroom tiles, when the choice, should choose to die in some thickness, had better choose a few more small size ceramic tile, introduce below small make up on hutch defends the outdoor ceramic tile of choose and buy guide.

1, according to your own family structure and preferences to determine the need to use the style of ceramic tile, and a rough investigation to determine the corresponding to the market positioning. Because what the brick to consider in the be fond of, at the same time also is further determined using light outdoor wood deck tiles or inferior smooth brick, prevent slippery degree, color style how to position such as

2, rough in the market when figuring out the size of common wall, granite floor tiles is at present the size of ceramic tile is more, such as common: 300 * 300, 300 * 450, 600 * 300 * 600, 600, etc. , but as far as possible to choose the size of some common and universal, so will not be with the size of a brand or businessman limitation, can freely choose and design.

themselves according to the blueprints of brick paving area combined with common size calculation of wall and granite floor tiles is suitable for the shop is what size brick, and determined the ceramic tile specifications; Spread much is door knowledge specifications of brick, is also a lot of, choose the right look and province brick. Personally think that use & other; Suitable & throughout; To describe should be the same, generally speaking, the big choose specifications of brick tiles area, area small choose small specifications of the brick. Such as toilet, kitchen and balcony is my home is small, then I can choose the minimum specifications of brick, otherwise can't spread a few big brick were carpeted with, that is ugly, but also more clean area is small.

3, according to the specifications is to calculate the area of each kind of specification, such as possible, best can draw a picture brick paving, can draw a design and can accurately calculate the number of bricks; Do more troublesome, the convenient way is to let the master or the masons, but if you can't do the ceramic tile waste and do know the effect of the shop is stuck in the future. If you have time, or suggest their precise work it out. Like me, even where to begin, strive for the gap in what position are calculated, even if be unsuited to masons brick habit, also in communication and masons when do know, there are revision, and not be masons covered. You know, the masons temper are usually quite large, but also usually have accent, it's much more than communicate with master difficult to communication.

hutch defends the ceramic tile of choose and buy guide is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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