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Hutch defends how ceramic tile of choose and buy?

by:JIABANG     2020-08-20
In ceramic tile hutch defends BBS often we can learn a lot of knowledge about decorating, many owners will often learn in our ceramic tile hutch defends BBS. Let below small make up about tile hutch to you talk about how to choose and buy things.

1, we in the ceramic tile of choose and buy when the transverse section of ceramic tile, can still be seen in the shop owner usually have broken tiles, very smooth, if this is fine, then explain the ceramic tile is very good.

2, ceramic tile of good and bad also reflect on the waterproof performance, we take a piece of ceramic tile, turn to the back, and then pour a cup of water, the penetration rate of the water, the trace of water run slower said of the density of ceramic tile is taller, also is better.

3, the ceramic tile of choose and buy when the first thing to do is watch, not a good ceramic tile surface protrusions, such as, the glaze is bright and clean, no color depth is not the same phenomenon. At the same time, good ceramic tile design is exquisite, no dislocation and leakage phenomenon appeared.

4, judge of a ceramic tile also has a more commonly used method is to listen to the voice of ceramic tile percussion, with a hold on the corner of a ceramic tile, and then the other hand to tap on a ceramic tile, if the sound is dull, shows outdoor ceramic tile is not good, if the sound is ringing, then explain the outdoor ceramic tile quality is better.

hutch defends ceramic tile?

1, the current in the kitchen with more material or prevent slippery ceramic tile and outdoor wood deck tiles, economical and practical. Remind, when decorating a kitchen to choose material moistureproof function should be fully considered. Ground in the kitchen with oily be soiled, can use general cleaners and wire scrubbing, won't produce any tiny scratches on the ground or dirty.

2, damp kitchen with or without natural stone material ground suggested that as far as possible, while the stone material is durable, luxuriant and beautiful, but natural stone material is not waterproof, water splashed down in the ground for a long time will deepen the color of the stone material, become a difference. If a large area will be slippery in wet, easy to fall.

that's small make up for everybody finishing some information about the outdoor ceramic tile hutch defends, hope can help to you.

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