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How to wax polishing brick?

by:JIABANG     2020-04-13
< / p> < p> wax polishing brick or not depends on the antifouling technology, as for the glazed pottery is completely without necessary wax, throw brick without polishing, porosity will not dew, also will not penetrate into the dirt, archaize brick, glazed pottery can be isolated by glaze stain. Archaize brick or glazed pottery after waxing, stains can use organic solvent in the wax into the internal outdoor ceramic tile, form is difficult to remove dirt, and will be polished before to wax glazed tile, if glazed tile use longer glaze has wear and tear, or glaze thinner, daily use process, the stain will sink in, cause bad effect. Microcrystalline class is the surface of glass ceramic tile products, wax is not recommended, because grinding can damage the glass surface, can permeability dirt instead. The advantages of outdoor ceramic tile polishing wax method of ceramic tile ceramic tile polishing method means of behavior, a measure of the ceramic tile of maintenance. Wax to ceramic tile can decontamination glazing, more beautiful, insect-resistant, moistureproof, prevent cracking, reduce the corrosion and wear of ceramic tile, prolong the service life of ceramic tile, ceramic tile is the maintenance of the necessary measures. < / p> < p> < / p>
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