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How to repair on the surface of the ceramic tile

by:JIABANG     2020-07-30

ceramic tile is that we will be used in interior decoration decorate material, but because of ceramic tile also is fragile, so a lot of moment are vulnerable to bumper lead to different degrees of damage, the following to simple science and figure out how to avoid damage on the surface of the ceramic tile of relevant knowledge, I hope it can help you!

1。 In order to let more durable ceramic tile, cement can be used before shop sticks ceramic tile appropriate add some coarser sand, the aim is to improve the speed of water loss, reduce the curing shrinkage strain, ceramic tile surface will be safer.

2。 And in the process of ceramic tile of the shop is stuck, try to keep the wall wet, should fully wetted before construction, the aim is to reduce the adsorption of cement, if cement solidification in adobe, will cause glaze cracks) ) Late, the quality of ceramic tile shop sticks the effect also is crucial, suggest the choose and buy big brand, quality is guaranteed.

3。 And if has been cracked in outdoor ceramic tile surface, have been repaired, and there are two scratches on the surface of the ceramic tile, a tile scratches glaze surface is damaged, shows that the surface structure damage, clean the floor surface after no trace, the other is a ceramic tile scratches, sharp equipment such as outdoor wood deck tiles surface scarification, formation damage tile scratches, the scratches even wipe out, soon will form a black scratch mark again. Repair agent repair ceramic tile scratches, we can use the granite floor tiles and then used to repair agent in stroke scratch aperture place, wait 30 minutes before besmear tracing time, wait for dry after besmear again, has always had a glance to see scratches from the side, after such treatment can make the granite floor tiles scratches to keep clean for a long time; Deep cuts tile scratches also can use grinding machine polishing, but be careful polishing, otherwise there will be a pit or outdoor wood deck tiles face greater damage, such as matt, wider scratches.

overall, appear on the surface of the ceramic tile questions are mostly problems on their own in the daily use, so still should pay attention to a point with ceramic tile is better, compared to repair or more troublesome, want to know more related content welcome to total's official website. Finally thank you for watching!

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