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How to make holes for tiles?

by:JIABANG     2021-04-30

Recently, I have received many reports from owners that tiles are cracked during drilling. I am also used to cracking tiles during drilling. Let me talk about it for everyone. How to avoid the problem of cracking tiles when punching.

Teach you how to perforate tiles?

Buying a house and decorating is a big event in our lives, and we still have a lot in the process of decorating Things need to be noticed and popular. A little carelessness or a problem with a certain detail may greatly affect our lives after moving in. Before we decorate, it is best to learn more about decorating knowledge or decorating experience so that we can decorate more smoothly. Today we are going to share with you the precautions on how to punch the tiles. It seems to be a trivial matter in the decoration process, but in practice, we encountered a lot of problems.

However, the master has a lot of experience. Usually prepares in advance before drilling the tiles. Not only is the efficiency very high, we must first clarify the overall layout of the home circuit and waterway before drilling. In order to avoid damaging the original water circuit when drilling the hole, causing the water and electricity to run off, there are certain safety hazards, and everyone needs to be extra cautious.

The tools that need to be prepared for decking tile drilling mainly include special drills, pencils, tape, electric drills, rulers, hammers and punches. After introducing the precautions and tools, we formally explain the method of punching.

Use a ruler and pencil to draw the position and distance of the hole to be punched. Then stick tape on the punctuation position to play a certain cushioning effect. Then use a hammer and punch to drill a small hole at the punctuation mark. Remember not to use too much force. Finally, start on the electric drill. When using the electric drill, make sure that the drill bit is perpendicular to the wall, and then slowly apply force to the required depth. After punching the holes, you can tear off the tape and install the fixing nails and furniture. Is it very easy and quick? You might as well try.

The above is the suggestion from the editor. I hope you can solve this problem well after reading the article. If you have a better way, you can also contact the editor.

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