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How to look at good tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-18

   When decorating, one of the most troublesome things for owners is the choice of bathroom tiles. Because there are so many tiles on the market, how to choose good tiles to make a qualified bathroom decoration is quite an issue. There are special things, so this issue editor will briefly introduce the tips on how to choose a good bathroom tile. I hope it can help you! (Good tiles)

   1. The humidity in the bathroom is relatively heavy, and because it is slippery all year round, it is best to choose tiles with a relatively low water absorption rate. The last word, in simple terms, is that the higher the water absorption, the worse the quality of the tiles. The lower the water absorption rate of the tile, the easier it is to dry the surface of the tile, so the less water the tile is, the better its quality! So when investigating whether a tile is really a good material, this standard can exclude a large number of tiles.

  2. Bathroom tiles also depend on the safety performance of the tiles. Anti-slip is very important. Only with this feature can we ensure that the bathroom is a safe place. The reason is that the bathroom is in all residences. It is a place that is more often wet. If the floor tiles selected have poor anti-slip function, it may threaten life safety.

  3. The best bathroom tiles should be stain-resistant. When choosing tiles, you must see if the tiles are durable and not easy to stain, because the bathroom is very simple to hide stains. Impurities such as dirt, similar to hair, are simply attached to the floor tiles. If the floor tiles are uneven, it will take a lot of trouble to tidy up and make the bathroom feel dirty.

  4. In addition, there is a more user-friendly one is the color of the tiles. The color of the bathroom tiles should cooperate with the overall style of the bathroom. For small spaces, it is better to choose light colors. Tiles, when it looks like this, will give people a brighter and more spacious feeling, and then reach the expansion of the visual effect. If you choose a darker color, it will look depressing and narrow.

   This is the relevant content of this issue on how to choose a good decking tile for the bathroom. After reading it, have you benefited a lot? All in all, there are too many to pay attention to the tiles in this bathroom. If you want to know more related content, please continue to pay attention to our official website! Finally, thank you for watching! (Good tiles)


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