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How to judge the quality of floor tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-06-13
Source: Good and poor quality floor tiles have a great impact on the entire family decoration. For residents, beautiful and clean floor tiles can not only bring a good experience, but also improve the home decoration by several grades. However, from the knowledge of the ceramics market, many people do not know how to choose which ceramic brand tiles and what characteristics should be paid attention to because they have little knowledge of the industry. In this regard, I provide you with a few suggestions. Look at the brand of tile, but also look at the granite floor tiles with the stronger water absorption rate, the worse the quality. So, when you find that the floor tiles you bought do not absorb water at all, congratulations, you have bought good things. The flatness of the ceramic floor tiles will also affect the later use, especially the uneven tiles are easy to warp in the later stage. After warping, you need to buy a new one and re-lay it, so it is recommended that you buy it when you buy it. , Be sure to choose a good brand of ceramic tiles, do not be greedy for cheap and suffer big losses. Because knocking out and re-laying in the later stage will not only cost money for tiles, but also labor money, which adds up to a lot of cost. If the corners of straightness tiles are not straight, it will have a great impact on the laying and use of tiles. According to an experienced person, if the corners of the tiles are not right angles, there will be large gaps between the tiles, which are not only unsightly, but also easy to hide dirt, resulting in very dirty ground. If children crawl on the ground, it is easy to be contaminated with bacteria. , And even get sick. Stain resistance Use an oil-based pen to put the shoes on the ceramic floor, and then wipe it off after the handwriting is dry to see if it is easy to clean. If it is easy, it is recommended to buy. Wear resistance Nowadays ceramic floor tiles have good wear resistance, and ceramic tiles with good wear resistance are also relatively non-slip. Now I know that it is not easy to buy a small tile. In fact, everything has its own rules. As long as we follow this rule, we don’t have to worry about losing money. If we choose the right ceramic brand, we must also choose the right quality.
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