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How to identify ceramic tile quality

by:JIABANG     2020-12-20

now a lot of people when choosing the ground adornment material, will think much floor tile, not only the price floor are cheaper, and quality is guaranteed. But the granite floor tiles of how to identify quality is a problem, so ceramic tile quality how to identify?

1, look at the surface of ceramic tile, generally speaking, the ceramic tile of superior quality, the surface will have a neat texture, and very smooth. If you are a little bit carefully, still can hair its colour and lustre is uniform, there is no color difference. 2, look at the size of ceramic tile, ceramic tile on the table, watch the four angles of ceramic tile, will see its appear the phenomenon of the newborn, good quality ceramic tile is using high technology are cut, four sides is very smooth. 3, look at the embryos color of ceramic tile, the ceramic tile of superior quality, the raw materials used by doping in the magazine is very few, the surface is very uniform, the thick degree won't appear uneven. 4, see the packaging of decking tile, if brand products, packaging will clear out the detailed information of ceramic tile of engraving, including batch number, color number, inspection reports, certificates, manuals, etc. If businessmen cannot provide such information, be careful. 5, see the thickness of the ceramic tile, according to the national standard, the thickness of the ceramic tile to at least 8 mm, if ceramic tile is too thin, not only to increase the difficulty of construction, and the use of the future is not long. 6, listen to the voice of ceramic tile, then can use the hand gently on the surface of ceramic tile, good quality ceramic tile is uniform, clear sound, the durability of this kind of ceramic tile, intensity is relatively high. quality how to identify is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details. knowledge

when it comes to choose ceramic tile, a lot of people have their own a set of, but nothing more than a few basic skills, this small make up to simple about this ceramic tile at the time of purchase to pay attention to what, hope you won't be read after pit, such ability can minimize their property loss! ( knowledge)

when buying ceramic tile, it is important to note that the following the details:

1. Weigh ceramic tile. If ceramic tile is heavy, it represents the product density is higher, in the scene, you can weigh the ceramic tile, feel the weight. The floor tile of 800 * 800, for example, a piece of about 15 kg.

2。 Gently blowing ceramic tile, ceramic tile high hardness, the product is wear-resisting; Look from the trace quality. Check the surface quality of ceramic tile, can shave off with good thing, don't scratch resistance. If it is the more time is easy to damage.

3。 To observe the smooth degree of ceramic tile, the product the higher gloss high glossiness, adornment effect is better!

4。 Rap is a relatively real skill, if you knock the voice of ceramic tile is ringing; Choose the ceramic tile is the most important is to consider the quality problem, discern ceramic tile stand or fall has a lot of standards, can to knock, ringing specification ceramic tile changes sound density is high, the quality is good.

5, measurement of ceramic tile. With a ruler or tape measure, ceramic tile edges and diagonal, check the size. See if standard size.

6, wiping, ceramic tile, when the choose and buy, with macroscopic observation surface had pinhole, if any, said glaze was not fully fusion, are prone to accumulate dirt, can use some pen to write on, see if you can have to rub off. If you don't rub out to appear a little problem!

this is some basic knowledge of ceramic tile, if you are in the decoration of ceramic tile of choose and buy when you have any doubts will more attention to our this site of dry goods, will be helpful to you! Finally thank you for watching! The next issue we goodbye! ( knowledge)

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