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How to distinguish the quality of ceramic tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-18

   When we are decorating new houses, many owners will definitely want to install ceramic tiles, but the choice of ceramic tiles is related to the quality of decoration and the comfort of living. There are many types of ceramic tiles and their quality varies. How to distinguish between good and bad is just one Question, then how to distinguish the quality of ceramic tiles?

  1. How to look at  

   When buying tiles, of course you have to look at it and everyone will look at it, but how you should look at it is the key. If you want to buy tiles that you want, we can't just look at the style and price of the tiles, we must make them worth the money.

    So we have to look at the appearance of the tile, to see whether its surface color is uniform, the surface finish and flatness, whether the periphery is regular, and whether the pattern is complete. Generally, the quality of high-priced ceramic tiles is very strict, so the price is paid for.

   2, how to listen to   Of course, listening is to listen to the sound of percussion. When percussion, what kind of sound is a good tile?

   When we buy ceramic tiles, we can gently tap the middle and lower parts of the tiles with our knuckles. If the sound we hear is crisper, it means that the degree of porcelain is better and its quality is better. . 

 3. How to drip water  

 Many people will be wondering why water drips, and a drop of water can tell whether the tiles are good or bad. This is too wicked. 

   But this is the case. We put a drop of water on the back of the tile. If it absorbs water slowly, it means that its density is higher and the quality is better. The quality cannot be measured by dripping on the front, but if the surface of the tile is too smooth, it means that there is more antifouling agent and wax on the surface. Not only does it not absorb water, but it is also unsafe. It is best not to choose this kind of tile. 

  4. How to measure the ruler    What to measure with the ruler, and measure how many tiles are needed in the room. Of course not. We measure the dimensions of the four sides of the tiles. Only tiles with high accuracy around the tiles will have a better effect in paving. We can also splice several tiles together to see if there are gaps in their four sides. 

  How to distinguish the quality of ceramic tiles is introduced here. If you want to learn more, you can click on the decking tile brand to learn more.

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