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How to distinguish between half-porcelain and all-ceramic? What is the difference between half-porcelain and all-ceramic

by:JIABANG     2021-06-20
Ceramic tiles are a relatively large amount of materials used in home decoration. When buying tiles, we will hear the term semi-porcelain and all-ceramic. However, many friends do not know how to distinguish between semi-porcelain and all-ceramic. In order to make it easier for everyone to buy, let's take a look at the difference between half-ceramic and all-ceramic, so that we can have a correct understanding of half-ceramic and all-ceramic. Learn what all-ceramic and semi-ceramic ceramic tiles are high in hardness, not easy to chip, high in stain resistance, low in water absorption, and good in flatness. Semi-ceramic tiles have low hardness, fragile cracks, easy penetration, and poor gloss. The water absorption rate of all-ceramics is extremely low, and it can be applied without soaking in water, but semi-ceramics also need to be soaked in water, just like the red outdoor wood deck tiles does not feel through, the cut surface of the outdoor wood deck tiles is different, and the price is different. Look carefully. You can still see it underneath. All ceramic tiles are vitrified tiles, all porcelain, non-absorbent, strong anti-fouling ability, specifications 1200*600, 800*800, 600*600. All-ceramic tiles have high hardness, are not easy to be broken, have high anti-fouling performance, low water absorption and good flatness. Semi-ceramic tiles have low hardness, fragile cracks, easy penetration, and poor gloss. Semi-porcelain tiles refer to the degree of less than 1200 degrees, the water absorption rate of the embryo body is slightly higher than that of all porcelain, and the elongation rate after heating is slightly higher. The embryo body soil is different from that of all porcelain. Because of cost issues, if small pieces of wood-grain tiles or other small pieces of ceramic tiles are made into all-ceramics, the cost will be very high. If the comparison of full tile and half tile is at the same price, the two types of glaze are exactly the same, the wear resistance is also the same, the difference is the clay embryo, because the firing temperature is different, so the degree of magnetization is different. So the water absorption rate is also different. But according to common understanding, the water absorption refers to the embryo body. It is not glazed, whether it is all-ceramic or semi-ceramic, glazed surface will not absorb water. Everyone uses ceramic tiles, and the water must be on the top, not under the tiles. There is also heat extension. For floor heating, although the heat extension rate of semi-ceramics is higher, it is definitely not said that the use of semi-ceramics for floor heating will cause problems. This point can be ignored. In other words, as long as the quality of the tiles is good, the half tiles are enough for home use, the degree of wear resistance is the same, and the glaze is no different. How to distinguish between full ceramic tiles and half ceramic tiles 1. Pour the water on the back of the tiles. Very little water is enough. Turn the tiles back and pour water on them. The half ceramics will absorb immediately, but the full ceramics will not absorb much. 2. It can also be distinguished from the name and purpose. Generally, all tiles are called polished tiles, vitrified tiles, etc., and generally called with certain stones, certain jade, such as cloud shadow stone, amber jade, etc. Tiles, in terms of purpose, are now mostly all-ceramic tiles for household floor, and all-ceramic tiles for household adhesive walls. 3. Tap to listen to the sound, lift the edge or corner of the tile with one hand, tap the middle of the tile with the other hand, and make a thick and long echoing tile (such as the sound of striking a bronze bell) is all porcelain Vitrified tiles; if the sound is turbid and has no echo or the echo is small and short, it indicates that the degree of porcelainization of the tiles is poor. The raw material particles of the ceramic tiles are not uniform in size and the density is small. This type is an ordinary semi-porcelain tile. How to distinguish between half-porcelain and all-ceramic, if you understand the knowledge, is not a complicated question. However, most consumers just listen to the introductions of sellers, and they don’t know much about the distinction between semi-porcelain and all-ceramic. In this way, in actual purchases, it is difficult to say that they will not be fooled by the merchants and spend wronged money.
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