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How to determine the amount of tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-25

When buying ceramic tiles to determine the amount, many people are easy to get into entanglement. Buy too much and waste; buy less, and you need to go to the building materials market for an extra lap. However, repairing tiles is often more troublesome than buying tiles. First, the replenishment volume is small, and the manufacturer no longer provides delivery services; secondly, the replacement of tiles is not the same batch of products as the original purchase, and there may be color differences. Therefore, the problem of “not enough tiles to pave the tiles and keep repairing” is a headache for readers who are decorating. In order to prevent the situation of “not enough tiles to pave the tiles and repairing all the time”, we should be in the process of tile paving. Try to minimize the loss of tiles, so as to avoid wasting unnecessary time and energy. The following editor will explain this knowledge for everyone.

  The tile paving process will inevitably cause a certain loss, and there are two types of losses:

   One is normal loss, because the room size and the tile size may not match, so The tiles need to be cut off. If the cut tiles cannot be used any more, it will cause loss. Generally speaking, it is normal for the overall loss rate of tiles to be between 3%-10%.

   The second is abnormal loss, mainly caused by improper purchase and construction. The quality of the ceramic tiles is poor, and the possibility of damage during construction is high, and the loss is bound to be large; in addition, the paving technique of the workers is also the key. In addition to the loss caused by the technical failure, subsequent problems are more troublesome; there are even workers who will deliberately waste ceramic tiles. Unnecessary loss.

  How to reduce the loss of tile paving?

   One is to measure the area of u200bu200bthe tiles in advance accurately. The owner must measure the space accurately before buying the bricks, and know how much floor to buy. If the house has many corners and arcs, the loss is relatively large; if the house is square or the size of the house matches the floor size, the loss is relatively small; the smaller the room, the greater the loss, so the tile size should also be considered. For an ordinary room of 10-30 square meters, ceramic tiles below 600*600mm are generally used. If the size is too large, the loss will be more.

  Second, the decoration company and workers should be carefully selected, and the 'decoration guerrillas' should be rejected. The owner should supervise the whole process during the laying process. The technical proficiency of the workers will also have a certain impact on the wear and tear, and the skilled workers will also make a rough survey of the house and calculate how to build it.

   Inferior ceramic tiles will have color difference, different thickness, irregularity, and warped skin, and they are more prone to loss during the process of laying tiles. In order to better avoid the situation of “insufficient tiles paving and tiling”, consumers must choose well-known brands to purchase qualified products and agree on replacement conditions with the merchants, such as whether they can be refilled, returned, replaced, claim conditions and Responsibilities, etc., it is also more convenient to deal with problems once they occur.


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