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How to choose living room tiles?

by:JIABANG     2021-05-16

  The quality of the decoration materials will directly affect the effect of the decoration, so the choice of the tile living room must not be careless, then let's take a look at how to choose the tile living room. (Living room tiles)

   The feeling of the living room should be spacious and bright, making people feel comfortable and relaxing. Therefore, we should generally choose pure or light-colored products, such as white, light beige, etc. For those houses that require high cleanliness, solid-color floor tiles can better reflect the owner's elegance. However, since the solid color is not resistant to dirt, it must be cleaned frequently, and the owner has to spend more time and energy to take care of it. For those who are busy with work and like to spend their free time on the Internet, leisure, etc., it is best to choose tiles with slight patterns or grain patterns.

   Budget people can choose glass tiles, glass tiles are wear-resistant, high gloss, easy to clean, low price. Others such as outdoor ceramic tile, outdoor ceramic tile have strong anti-fouling ability and many colors to choose from, which can fully reflect the personality of the owner . The dark color system can imitate ancient bricks, and the light color system can choose to throw the entire glazed outdoor wood deck tiles. Stone floor tiles are not recommended, because stone is not only costly, but also has a single color and low surface finish and wear resistance.

   If the living room area exceeds square meters, you must choose large bricks. If it is smaller than this area, you can choose floor tiles. Generally, don't choose smaller tiles in the living room. Large-size floor tiles can expand the visual area of u200bu200bthe living room and broaden the horizon. If a large area of u200bu200bthe floor is covered with small-sized tiles, there will be crowded and bulky lines indoors. On the other hand, if large-size floor tiles are forcibly laid in a space of more than ten square meters, the room will look uncoordinated and affect the overall decoration effect. Currently, the top ten brand decking tile product lines are complete, and various products of various sizes can be selected.

   Simplicity and smoothness are the eternal theme. Metaphysics and patchwork are not necessarily products. However, kicking is to be done. Generally speaking, the family will paint on the wall. The connection between the paint and the ground often touches furniture and human feet. Easy to stain or damage. Using vitrified tiles as skirting can avoid this problem and make the overall effect of the living room more coordinated.

  How to choose tiles in the living room? Hope to answer your doubts. (Living room tiles)


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