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How to choose and buy toilet ceramic tile color

by:JIABANG     2020-09-04

traditional is decorated in, many families will be given priority to with white ceramic tile, toilet looks concise and easy, but is too ordinary, without characteristics, want to make toilet more beautiful individualizing actually not difficult also, with good color outdoor ceramic tile is the key. So how toilet color ceramic tile of choose and buy?

1, the color of ceramic tile

if you want to create a personalized effect, in the bathroom can be selected chromatic ceramic tile, need to adorn regions. Such as niche such small storage space, USES the chromatic stripe Mosaic tiles, whole bathroom atmosphere immediately became more vivid, or on the floor behind the back, bathtub, sink, very eyes, let toilet immediately become different.

2, blue tiles

pure white wall looks no characteristics, but in the shower room is clever collocation blue tile, let a person involuntarily enjoy shower room. And use this color to good divides the area to the toilet, make the effect of expansion, if collocation fastens with color ground the overall effect looks better.

3, yellow tiles

if the toilet light is not very good, can choose bright color to eliminate depressing atmosphere, such as orange, it to learn a kind of happy color in color, orange is intense citric yellow or yellow bananas look more downy, make toilet is full of warm, like the sunshine by pale blue tile, let toilet look more open.

5, decorative pattern tile

the big family of Chinese style to decorate, can choose a big design ceramic tile, let toilet looks more unique, above the color as far as possible don't be too loud, or look for a long time easy to cause the dazzling, try to choose simple but elegant design.

6, bright green tiles

aquamarine ceramic tile is very grab an eye, if collocation fresh white again, will create the effect of small and pure and fresh, give a person with relaxed beach feeling, tired a day, at home to enjoy a shower time, all became more at ease. Bathroom tile color how to choose and buy is introduced here, if you still want to know more can click on the brand ceramic tile details.

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