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How to avoid hollowing and falling off of tiles?

by:JIABANG     2021-05-23

 When it comes to tile hollowing and falling off, the first thing most people think of is exterior wall tiles falling off. In fact, compared with bricks falling on exterior walls, bricks falling indoors are also not to be underestimated. In a house that has been renovated for one or two years, the walls suddenly appear empty and the tiles fall off, which will not only damage the furniture and cause rework problems, but also pose a certain threat to the personal safety of the family.

  1. Pay attention to the safe paving of tiles

   Only the safe use of tiles can be used. As a semi-finished product, safe paving is the prerequisite for people to enjoy the exquisite ceramic decoration effect. With the continuous improvement of ceramic production technology and product research and development capabilities, new ceramic tiles are also emerging in endlessly. From the initial tiles, polished tiles, antique tiles, wood-grain tiles, to thin plates, full polished glazes, microcrystalline stones, etc., new ceramic tiles show the development trend of large specifications, thin and soft, and low water absorption.

  3. Common decking tile problems in home decoration

   In fact, many ceramic tile problems have a lot to do with the use of bonding materials. At present, most home decoration still uses cement tiling. Therefore, common tile problems in home decoration are mainly reflected in three aspects: First, it is difficult to install on the wall and not firmly attached; second, the yin and yang colors are prone to appear when the tiles are pasted; third, the phenomenon of hollowing, loosening, and falling off occurs after a period of time after the tiles are pasted. Cement as the main bonding material has played a very important role in the past for a long time, but as the pace of upgrading of ceramic tile products continues to accelerate, the traditional construction of cement bonding has also appeared various drawbacks.

   1. The bonding principle of cement determines the difficulty of applying low water absorption ceramic tiles: Cement is a hydrophilic substance, and it can be bonded by generating friction at the interface through hydration reaction. The water absorption rate of existing ceramic tile products is basically zero, which makes it difficult to use cement to wall. The conventional solution is to add copper wire to the back of the ceramic tile to fix it, but the bonding force is only on the copper wire, and there is still the possibility of falling off in the future.

  2. The process of cement leads to follow-up problems: the tiles must be soaked in the wall before construction can be done. The tiles absorb a large amount of water during the soaking process, and part of the water molecules can be discharged along the gap after paving, and some of the water molecules remain in the tiles, resulting in different shades of color. As for the phenomenon of hollowing and falling off of the tiles after a period of paving, it is mainly determined by the characteristics of the cement itself. The cement construction is a thick grout construction. After the loss of water and solidification, it is easy to age and crack, which will affect the hollowing and falling of the tiles.

  3. The construction method of cement has caused a lot of manpower loss and waste of resources. In traditional cement paving, the decoration master mixes the cement and sand by feeling on site before construction. Not only is the construction cumbersome and uses a lot of materials, but it also has a certain impact on the health of the construction master.

  3. How to avoid the hollowing and falling off of the tiles?   1. Use tile adhesive instead of cement. The tile adhesive is modified cement. By adding various high molecular polymers, the performance of traditional cement is further improved, and it is more flexible and anti-aging, and its bonding force is 2 to 3 times that of traditional cement. The bonding principle is mainly the adsorption principle and the diffusion principle. It has strong adaptability and can be used to pave building materials on various base surfaces, such as (tiling on bricks, glass tiling, etc.) The use of tile adhesive for tiling can solve the problem of low water absorption tiles on the wall.

  2, use targeted adhesives. Various ceramic tile products on the market have different requirements for construction materials due to their different firing processes. For example, the adhesive for mosaics is different from the adhesives used for tiles and stone. Mosaics are made of glass, ceramic, platinum and other different materials, and each material has different requirements for the pH of the binder. For large-size microcrystalline stones and thin plates, the requirements for adhesives are significantly different from those for ceramic tiles and antique tiles. Therefore, when purchasing adhesives for ceramic tile products, you should choose an adhesive that matches this type of ceramic tile products.



   The tile adhesive subverts the traditional cement construction, and the bonding force is 2-3 times that of cement. It adopts unified batching standards and adopts The grout paving not only saves the amount and reduces the burden on the wall, but also has simple construction procedures, energy saving and environmental protection, safe and firm. In the future bonding system, it will replace cement as the main bonding material for building materials.

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