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How to achieve the unity of practicality and beauty of ceramic tiles?

by:JIABANG     2021-05-16

Small apartment living room tiles, how to pave tiles to have an eye-catching effect? u200bu200bHow to achieve the unity of practicality and beauty of tiles? The following editor shows you a group of small apartment living room tiles paving effect pictures.

The above kind of parquet is one of the most common ones we usually use. Usually, if you want to get the above effect, you only need to piece together four tiles to get it, but because of its Practicality is not strong, generally speaking, ordinary houses usually do not use such parquet. After putting the flowers together, it's fair to see them all.

The above kind of mosaic looks more complicated. Many people with more advanced tastes like this kind of pattern. The premises that use this kind of pattern are generally the living room, dining room, and office building of ordinary residences. In the reception hall and other places, the overall effect is more solemn.

The pattern above gives people a sense of friction at first glance. Floor tiles using this mosaic map style are generally more suitable for laying in wet places such as bathrooms because of their better anti-slip function. , It is not suitable to be laid in other places. If it is laid in a place other than the bathroom, it will feel more abrupt. I believe many of my friends have seen the pattern above, and I feel quite familiar. That’s right, most of the places where this pattern appears are parquet floor tiles laid in public places such as the corridors of hotels and hotels. This color looks a little serious and dull, but overall it feels pretty good in the past.

Living room floor tiles map, small apartment living room tiles paving

The living room is a very important place, it can be said to be the 'face' of a family, so the choice of tiles in the living room has become the key, so what should be paid attention to when choosing tiles in the living room? Edit below for everyone Bring knowledge of living room tile selection and see how to create a comfortable and beautiful living room.

Small apartment living room tile paving effect picture 1

The paving of floor tiles needs to determine the type of floor tiles according to the paving space, polished tiles, non-slip tiles, and sub Light tiles, marble tiles, this kind of special tiles are tiles with unique advantages.

Small apartment living room tile paving effect picture 2

Paving tiles is a big choice for the floor of the living room. Different shades of tiles can be used to distinguish the entrance. Living room tiles can choose the same texture, but with different colors and more complex patterns, or choose mosaic shapes.

Small apartment living room tile paving effect picture 3

The floor tiles of the living room are made of calm and soft tones, with a 45-degree diagonal paving pattern, which enriches the color of the floor while also letting the space. More three-dimensional.

Small apartment living room tile effect picture 4

You can use light-colored floor tiles to form an eye-catching granite floor tiles mosaic, which further highlights the classic atmosphere of the living room. Enhance the artistic style of the living room.

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