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How much is the price ceramic tile, ceramic tile of choose and buy skills?

by:JIABANG     2020-10-11
is one of the family is used in decorating material, in choosing a ceramic tile people first is the relationship between the price, the second is the quality of ceramic tile. So ceramic tile is the price? Below small make up, and everyone take a look at tile price and related introduction. What's the price of ceramic tile. To calculate according to the ceramic tile is 800 * 800 mm, average the price of a ceramic tile in 10 - 40 yuan, if a color is good, the price in the 40 - almost 80 yuan. If it is some well-known brands, the price will be more expensive. 2, ceramic tile prices also may be determined from the region, the species is divided into three kinds, import, joint ventures and domestic. In the material selection on the technology of production process is also different, so also will affect the price price difference. of choose and buy tip 1, check the glaze can see ceramic tile glaze with a key or a few more items hard to scratch surface of ceramic tile, if appear scratches on the surface of the ceramic tile, then explain the glazing of decking tile; It is vulnerable to the dirt on the surface of the ceramic tile, it is difficult to clean up, recommend careful choice. 2, ceramic tile DianDian component is from weight, a lot of things to judge stand or fall of ceramic tile is no exception. A phase modulation ceramic tile to weigh in hand by hand to see how the components of ceramic tile. Good quality, high density of ceramic tile is relatively heavy, otherwise, feel lighter. 3, the ceramic tile to listen to sound from the voice can hear the quality problem of the ceramic tile, if echoes as the sound of 'bronze' general can better determine the quality of ceramic tile, on the other hand, poor quality. 4, check the color difference under the condition of the light is enough to check the color of ceramic tile, ceramic tile good its tonal and consistent color difference is small; On the other hand, the color difference is bigger. 5, touch the surface of ceramic tile check tender texture good quality ceramic tile surface, no stall prick the hand feeling, like milk. 6, specifications, check the error for the same specifications of the ceramic tile, measuring the size deviation, flatness deviation, deviation of straight Angle, etc. Good quality specification deviation is small ceramic tile, ceramic tile the gaps between the small, on the other hand, recommend careful choice. Above is small make up to you what's the price of ceramic tile and skill introduction of choose and buy, see if after have more understanding in this respect? Hope above can help you, if you want to know other information, please continue to pay attention to this website, more wonderful stay tuned!
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