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How how decontamination ceramic tile ceramic tile clean

by:JIABANG     2021-01-04

decking tile is used long will become dirty, the dirty we would feel upset, some also not use clean cloth to clean, how to introduce below small make up on ceramic tile decontamination?

1。 Get some simple daily life on the ceramic tile of stains, such as the common dust, dirt such as long as clean with soap and detergent. Add some ammonia and turpentine oil mixture with soap, can make the ceramic tile more luster. 2. Glazed tile glaze layer structure tightly, dirt won't searches into the brick, for some of the common stains with cotton cloth of water and detergent can clean, do not let water to seep into the outdoor wood deck tiles seam, may lead to new pollution or lead to the spalling of decking tile. The decking tile of concave and convex available brush. 3. Different other ceramic tile polishing outdoor wood deck tiles, its surface pores, long exposure can adsorb some dust and bacteria, looks old lose luster. Need to wax regularly, each quarter a advisable. 4. If there is difficult to clean up the brick surface scratches, spray a little on the descaling cleaning agents, can be gently wipe after coated with toothpaste, after a minute or two, dry can. 5. The gap between block and block it is difficult to clean up, can not use ceramic tile cleaner maintenance regularly, brush a layer of waterproofing agent in aperture, can prevent mould to grow. how decontamination is introduced here, if you still want to know more can click on the brand ceramic tile details.

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