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How do you use the ceramic tile ceramic tile glue?

by:JIABANG     2020-07-31

ceramic tile is a more troublesome thing, which is why the tile work has always been so high fees, ceramic tile, if you want to tend to think of using ceramic tile adhesive, but used the outdoor ceramic tile adhesive is not the same as general glue can easily be fixed effect of ceramic tile, skill is also pretty is much, here is simple and have a look!

the use of the outdoor ceramic tile ceramic tile adhesive

1. First of all is to use conditions, generally speaking, if you want to make the ceramic tile adhesive play effective role, must first wet construction wall, ground, wall, ground inside must maintain dry, wall, ground surface need to be flat, rugged or rough surface can be used to cement mortar, so, won't make this ceramic tile go down so embarrassed.

2。 Before using glue sticks ceramic tile ceramic tile, it is important to note that the face clean, must first clear float ash, oil stain at the grass-roots level, otherwise it will affect the ceramic tile adhesive bonding degree, if bonding degree is lower, so it will make a great problem, if the circumstances are serious, wall outdoor wood deck tiles will just fell down over a period of time, so is the lip! And the security problem is very big!

3。 Finally some practical tips, use ceramic tile to the glue, glue money about 1:4 water cement ratio, stir to mix well. Adhesive should be finished in 5 ~ 6 hours ( When the temperature is higher, light enough to be finished in a shorter time) , use ceramic tile adhesive money first will want apply glue mixture in the ceramic tile of laid back, you push hard on the, until the surface level ceramic tile, ceramic tile on the shop in 15 minutes can be by moving the correct position. But also is the ceramic tile adhesive don't long time exposed to air, it will make its viscosity is not enough, the quality of influence.

this is the current some related contents about ceramic tile ceramic tile adhesive, want to know more information, welcome to continue to focus on our website, here is the most authoritative information, can let you learn a lot here!

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