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How beautiful ceramic tile seam sewing?

by:JIABANG     2020-08-03

now the people are the pursuit of a beautiful decoration, because the quality of life after, to have a lot of exquisite decoration, small make up from one of the simplest case, tile are direct stick out before is over, but now's not the same, what tile seam can't be ugly, so this small make up to make a brief introduction of current popular beauty of ceramic tile seam sewing skills, hope can help to you!

1。 First is to clean the health, because beautification is the requirements for the ceramic tile seam under the condition of a relatively clean can go smoothly, so be on the ceramic tile of overall do a perfect clean, let this outdoor ceramic tile aperture residual dirt is good, don't leave to ensure clean thoroughly before the next step work. And small make up warm reminder, because doing this beautiful stitch or easy to contaminate yourself, don't so it's best to wear to work is the best!

2。 The second step is a key: stick a crepe paper! Try to crepe paper along the side stick ceramic tile, can also leave a little, but don't let the crepe paper cover ceramic tile seam, so after the completion of tear of crepe paper is easy to bring out the beauty of having fixed seam an agent, the lip thed loss outweights the gain. So be sure to carefully cautious enough to begin again!

3。 If your crepe paper, then the next step is the most important gap filling process. Novice recommend bring gloves, beautiful seam an agent get the feeling is not very good. Will the seam an agent loaded on the glue guns, ceramic tile seam along the crowded. Although it looks simple, but actually want exquisite details or many, suggest that while watching video online learning, so you will be more in an orderly way!

this is in this issue of beautification of ceramic tile aperture some related skills, if you have confidence in their craft comparison, small make up, of course, is suggested to try in person, but, after all, this is also a live technical, it is better to find relevant professionals to get is the best! Want to know more related content, welcome to continue to pay attention to our website!

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