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How about Guanzhu tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-19

   When it comes to buying tiles, many people just name a bunch of brand tiles, but there are not many really good tiles. The tiles on this site are counted as one, but today I want to say It is another ceramic tile, crown bead decking tile, so how to choose the ceramic tile of this brand? Let's briefly talk about it below! (How about the crown bead tile)

  1. First, observe carefully. Look at the overall back and front of this tile. The back is generally pure color displayed as milky white (white, but not very white). Black, yellow, and black spots on the surface are even worse, indicating that the ceramic tile itself has impurities, and more impurities will affect the density and quality; too white is not normal, because the zirconium silicate raw materials are used too much.

  2, particles are also an important audit principle. If the particles are large and rough, the density of the bricks will be loose, and there will definitely be problems in the process of use.

  3. Another more intuitive way is to stand the tiles up and hit the tiles with your hands. The clearer the sound proves that the higher the density of the bricks, the better the quality. The duller the sound proves that the density of the tiles is worse, and the anti-fouling ability of the tiles is worse.

  4. When buying the polished tiles of this crown bead tile, you must pay attention to these points. The smoother the feeling, the fewer pinholes on the surface of the tile body, and the higher the anti-fouling ability. Of course, this kind of brick is best not to be used in the bathroom and kitchen, and it is necessary to pay attention to slip resistance.

   5. If it is the same color, it is not easy to distinguish between good and bad. The clearer the shadow of the ceramic tile, the higher the gloss of the brick, the stronger the hardness of the brick body, and the higher the durability. On the contrary, the fuzzy shadow of the light bulb proves that the hardness of the brick is lower.

  6. For antique tiles, look at the back of this one too. You can directly feel whether the glaze on the outdoor wood deck tiles surface is fine or not with your hands, and then use your eyes to see at a close distance whether the particles of the glaze are rough or not. When buying antique tiles, you must pay special attention to the quality of the glaze.

   Anyway, buying any ceramic tiles is nothing more than these selection principles, so no matter what the Guanzhu tiles or other brands of tiles, as long as you clearly recognize these points, you can easily choose yourself Satisfied tiles, if you want to know more related content, please continue to pay attention to the official website! (How about Guanzhu tiles)


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